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Zakhilwal rejects he had agreed to construction of gate in Torkham

Dr.-Omar-ZakhilwalKABUL: The Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal rejects that had agreed with Pakistan authorities regarding the construction of a gate in Torkham which has resulted to a heavy clash between the Afghan and Pakistani forces in the past three days.

Zakhilwal reacted towards the allegation after a private TV channel tweeted that the agreement was reached during a meeting between Zakhilwal and Pakistani army chief General Raheel Sahrif.

Calling the reports as categorically false, Zakhilwal said “The discussion in that meeting was about an agreement that was reached between our Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Pakistani Army joint meeting on Dec 13, 2015 in which our MOD led delegation had given no objection to a fence the Pak Army planned to erect about a 100 meters from zero point towards Pakistan.”

Zakhilwal further added that the Pakistani army delegation had agreed to vacate from the currently occupied positions in Angur Ada since they were deeply inside Afghan territory and would transfer all the building faculties to the Afghan security forces.a

“Since then the fence in Torkham under discussion has been erected and Angur Ada positions have partly been vacated,” Zakhilwal said, adding that “The currently planned gates that caused the resulted ongoing situation and fighting in Torkham were brought to the discussion with our MOD led delegation only two days ago in Torkham to which our side did not agree but the Pak Army went ahead to construct them anyway.”

This led to the confrontation and then the unfortunate firefight, Zakhilwal added. -KP


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