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Zakhilwal asks Nawaz Sharif to intervene in securing Sharbat Gula’s release


The Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal has called on the Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to intervene and secure the release of the Afghan woman Sharbat Gula who has been serving in a Pakistani jail for allegedly obtaining fake Pakistani identity card.

Calling the decision by the court to reject the bail plea for Gula, the Afghan Ambassador said It is with utmost disappointment that despite assurances given by the Interior Minister Chaudhri Nisar Ali Khan and other government leaders the bail to free Sharbatgula from incarceration in Peshawar was rejected today.”

Zakhilwal further added “If the Federal Government indeed wants to free Sharbatgula, as the Honorable Interior Minister publically said it did, then Sharbatgula needs not be subjected to court appearances and rulings. She has been in prison by charges laid against her by a federal agency and it is within the authority of the federal government to withdraw those charges and let her free. It would certainly be the right things to do.”

According to Zakhilwal, the ID card was neither fake, nor obtained fraudulently and the country’s National Database and Registration Authority had issued the ID to her and her late husband as per its normal process years ago.

“At this stage I call on the Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan, to whom I will also sent a formal request, to intervene with this case himself to instruct the release of Sharbatgula,” he said, adding that immediately after her release the Afghan government is ready to facilitate Sharbatgula as well as her children’s repatriation back to Afghanistan with dignity. -KP

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