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Young Afghan refugees turn to prostitution facing an uncertain fate in Greece

afghan-boys-greeceDistressing reports have emerged regarding the uncertain fate of the Afghan migrants in Greece amid uncertain fate forcing the young Afghan refugees to turn to prostitution due to an uncertain fate as hundreds are stranded in eastern European countries.

According to the reports, minor Afghan migrants find themselves caught up in illegal trades, including drugs, human trafficking and most frequently, prostitution as efforts by the NGOs fail to resolve the issues of the migrants, mainly caused due to a limbo between Turkey and Greece.

“When people are just trying to survive and to fulfil their most basic needs, they are capable of doing all kinds of things. These young boys are in a desperate situation. They are living in tents in refugee camps and they don’t have any other work. Some of the problem comes from the fact that Afghan refugees face a lot of discrimination. They also don’t get any governmental aid. These young people have no adequate shelter and no way of making money and, ultimately, they are just left to fend for themselves as best they can,” Mohammad Mirzai, a humanitarian activist told France24.

According to the paper, the minor refugees have no access to the labour market, many end up having to turn to illegal trades, such as prostitution, to survive.

Every night, several dozen young men congregate in Victoria park, Pedion tou Areos park and on the Omonia Square to sell themselves. Sometimes, the actual act is carried out at the client’s house but, more often than not, the boys end up just going into the bushes with their client.

“At best, these young people are paid €50 per client, sometimes less than €10. I don’t know the nationality of their clients but almost all of them speak Greek and most of them are much older than the boys,” Mirzay added.

This comes despite uncertain fates the Afghan migrants are facing after they reach to western European countries and in most cases their applications are rejected.

Dozens of Afghan migrants were deported from Germany and other European countries earlier this month with reports suggesting the step was taken in line with an agreement reached with the Afghan government.

Hundreds of thousands of Afghans left for Europe last year amid deteriorating security situation in the country.

Scores of the migrants lost their lives on the way to Europe by going through the most dangerous routes, including the Iranian land route and the Turkish waters. -KP


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