Young Afghan migrant shot dead in Serbia while he was trying to cross into Western Europe from Bulgaria

Afghan-migrant-SerbiaSERBIA: A young Afghan migrant was shot dead by unknown gunmen as he was trying to cross into Western Europe from Bulgaria, it has been reported.

The migrant was believed to be in his 20s and was looking to illegally cross from Bulgaria when he was shot dead, apparently by hunters.

The Ministry of Defense of Serbai said Wednesday that the migrant had received wounds in his chest and the alleged man behind the attack ha sbeen detained.

This comes as a young Afghan man was arrested as he was attempting to reach to the western European coutries by travelling almost 20 hours as he was tied under a truck.

The man whose identity has not been disclosed escaped a migrant camp in Greece with an aim to enter the country, police sources have said.

Scores of Afghan refugees have been stranded along the Macedonia and Greece border after Macedonia closed its southern border with Greece to Afghan migrants late last month.

Hundreds of Afghans left the country and are mainly heading towards Europe amid deteriorating security situation in the country, often risking their lives by passing through dangerous routes, specifically the Iranian territory and the Turkish coast. -KP


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