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Women are too human


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In the entertainment industry, women are being sexually objectified. Though ultra-modernist might acquiesce to it yet conscience of an enlightened individual would condemn it. In every Bollywood song, let alone the item numbers, the male protagonist is surrounded by semi-nude ladies, in which the intimate parts are in-focus. This is what right-wingers in general and feminists particular,  are striving for?

Although it is undeniable that women have equal rights to that of men. But it doesn’t mean that either men or women are unrestrained. There are certain specified rules which have to abide by every human. Abiding by these rules give dignity to men. And these rules are universal in character.

According to Plato the world is devoid of moral principles just because people are into the actuality of things rather than reality. Actuality is determined by the particulars while reality is determined through universality. Universality lies in the idea and essence of things. The idea is propounded through the revelation of God, which is the only source through which the universal principals can be deduced.

Human faculties of mind cannot see the entire picture, but a part of it. It is due to the fact that men acquire knowledge through five senses. And these senses can grasp the appearances i.e actuality rather than the reality (idea). And for Men, the idea is revealed through the chosen people in the form of wahi or ilham.

Therefore the dignity which has been bestowed to women and men is in following the divine commandments rather than prey to one’s whims and desires. The dignity is not in being unrestrained but within the bounds of essence (idea) of humanity.

Woman is created by the creator from the same mixture of clay and water, but the social norms, developed with the passage of time have restricted her to a place of a lesser human. They have now the legal rights of divorce and remarriage, but in practice, it is yet to be achieved.

Man -Mortal god- have the right to divorce his wife and put her into eternal disgrace. Moreover, he also enjoys the right to have four wives, to satiate his chauvinist instincts. But women after being widowed or divorced would lead her life either selling her body and soul, or begging all her life.

Widowed and divorcees are public property. The so called respected and honored men would not shamble to extend their generous offers of sexual intercourse to the socially-pariahs. However, they would not tie the knot with them, because it is a disgrace socially and also Men are after Virgins!

In the epoch of history, the female is treated sometimes goddesses and sometimes evil, but never once were considered to be a companion. The one thing which is strikingly common throughout the history that woman are always associated with the fulfillment of sexual desires. Women have their personalities. They are not just meat and blood to gratify the desires of men. They have hearts and desires, which are as important as that of men. They have thinking minds and souls which also wanders in search of truth.

The infamous cliche that women are worthy enough if there is warmth in their bodies, is so shameful and disgraceful to the entire humanity that it is beyond description. therefore, we should condemn the objectification of women in our society and discard the cliches like ”Bas Nabz Chalni Chahiye”.

By Noman Wazir

The writer is a socio-political analyst from FATA. He can be reached at




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