Why Swedish people are not interested in sex?

swedishsexSwedish people are not interested in sex, actually less interested in sex, and that’s worrying the Public Health Minister Gabriel Wikstrom who has ordered an in-depth research to probe this matter. The study will span three years.

Sweden is one the few countries that have a stabilized economy, equality laws and a proper sex education program, which is why the lowered sexual interest in people is concerning.

“Sexual politics is not just about problems, it must also be about what is pleasurable. In fact, if the social conditions for pleasurable sex are deteriorating – due to stress or health problems – this is in itself a political problem.”

–Gabriel Wikstrom

In a survey conducted in 1996 in Sweden, Swedish people were reported having sex 5 times a month on an average. In 2013, another survey showed that this had dropped to 3.8, indicating that the Swedes are having 24% less sex than they were 16 years back. This lowered sexual interest isn’t simply in Sweden, as a survey conducted in USA in 2015 offered a somewhat similar result. It suggested that average sexual partners dropped from 11.68 in ‘baby boomers’ to 8.26 in ‘millennials’. While the number of partners isn’t indicative of how much sex one is having, these studies do indicate that frequency of having sex has indeed lessened.

Increased job pressure, stress and exhaustion have been linked to this lowered statistic. The new survey, aiming to be finished by 2019, should prove that the lowered statistic isn’t an exaggeration and to find reasoning behind it in order to create better policies regarding sexual and reproductive health. -Agencies


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