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Why hatred should dictate us?

unnamed (1)Hatred is a satanic instinct, infectious in character and only found in human species. It is not spontaneous like anger and has roots in evil intelligence. It has some erroneous characteristics like fire. The fire initially needs fuel, subsequently, it consumes itself, the left over is ash. The hatred generates and thrives on bitterness and intolerance. It destroys the host and infect others. Have zero tolerance for truth or to experiment truth. It is long lasting with remissions and relapses, with long incubation period to manifest its deadliest and incurable manifestation.

Anger is a spontaneous response of aggression without planning. It is a disorder with sudden onset followed by remorse. In hatred, there is no remorse because it is the feeling of guilt and animal have no guilty feelings. Anger is shared by animals and human species equally. Its immediate destructive effects are enormous but in long run repairable. As the Chinese wisdom goes, to control your emotions for a while can thwart disaster in the earth. Might look easy to say, difficult to act upon. After reading, ” My experiment with truth” by Mohandas Gandhi I have tried my level best to get rid of bitterness and  accept the truth and facts, to increase the depth of my tolerance but have failed several times. The struggle is on not yet abandoned.

Why hatred is only confined to human species and not found in animals? I think that the target of this deadliest virus is our higher centres, home to logic and wisdom, animals do not possess them. The difference between anger and hatred has a clear distribution. Aggression and anger are basically animalistic characters while hatred is an evil instinct infects men, as mentioned earlier.

It disrupts the process of constructive thinking, erase the sense of logic and mutual understanding, jaundiced vision, clouds mental capabilities and rob humans of the perception of mutual co-existence in spite of having differences in opinions. This basic difference between an animal and a human is washed away. It can affect an individual, a group of people and even a nation.

There is a philosophical reason behind it, based on religion, ethnic, racial or economic interests and needs a climate of stress and strain. Peace invites it a natural death.

The recent most fire of hatred based on religious intolerance was the clash of fundamentalism in the middle east that started in Iraq which, was based on a very flimsy reason. Basically, it was an onslaught on the axis of evils by an axis of devils based on hatred. It was followed by a fire that engulfed the whole Middle East. The Arab spring was turned into a bloody drama that is still bleeding like weeping wound. Iraq war had an element of personal animosity of Bush Dynasty with the Iraqi regime, as senior bush was painted on the floor at the entrance of a hotel in Baghdad.

The other was the partition of the subcontinent where a border was drawn with the blood of the “children’s of midnight”, numbered one million. The Irish and southern Sudan liberation were both based on religious intolerance the later had an element of an economic factor. It is a said that in the shadows of the synagogue, churches and mosques more human lives have lost than putting all epidemics together.

The racial intolerance manifested itself in the creation of Bangladesh and disintegration of USSR where Russian were trying to dominate other ethnic communities socially, culturally and historically. It will not be illogical to equate Punjabis of Pakistan with Russian of late USSR.

Afghanistan war was based on racial hatred and geographical interest but to make palatable for illiterate Pakhtun it was heavily soaked in religious flavour. It was simply to capture a sovereign nation or to impose a sectarian system based on hatred. The irony was, what they could not do in their own country their insanity forced them to impose it in a neighbouring country. Pakistan and Afghanistan both are reaping the harvest of hatred sown by Pakistan and Saudi. Their persistence claim for the stake in future of sovereign Afghanistan shows their evil design.

Non-state actors were hired by the state to fight for their interest. Basically, these are non-state actors. they were the property of certain states who were responsible for their training, logistic supply and well-being. They cannot be written off simply as non-state actors, they belong to certain states. The collaboration between the two is on simple logic to scratch each others back. The Islamic phobia in the west is manifesting itself. In the US, it started as early as 9/11 but in the UK, it is unfolding itself now. The nostalgia of the west is a shining example of intolerance.

There are two long-standing religious disputes that are unresolved. The Palestinian home and Israeli extravagancy. The right of Kashmiris self-determination and ambiguous stand of Pakistan. In both cases the parties have gone to war three times and nothing has been learnt from the devastation of the wars.

Hatred to each other has shut their mind to comprehend the power and dynamism of human mind. It is the intolerance of each other and refusal to understand each other point of view. Our lack of confidence in the human wisdom and its enormous ability to solve the most difficult and intricate problems to solve. And till they are solved, we can still peacefully co-exist in spite of differences or going to war. It is a megalomania of Israel and Pakistan to yield the opponent, failing to grasp that no powerful or mass destructive arsenals can defeat the capacity of human mind and national will.

It reminds the banner headline of the Guardian after carpet bombing Hanoi,” Hanoi survives in caves.” National will blunt any nuclear device. The same is the case of with both, Pakistan and India.

I just fail to understand why Pakistan must have animosity with both India and Israel. . How can we help Kashmiris and Palestinian by our hawkish attitude? If we cannot be friends with both, I have failed to find any sane reason to have animosity with them. Unless we have ulterior motives to throw Israeli into the sea or capture Kashmir to make it a part of Pakistan then, in that case, war could be the only way. If the real problems are in question then why war, why not talk? It will be wiser to establish diplomatic relation with Israel and have friendly relation with India. The later move is beneficial for both, Pakistan and Kashmiris. Pakistan will have access to cheap modern technology of India. We should not forget that India is a superpower in computer technology. Being a doctor of medicine we will have enormous benefits in the health field. In the case of Israel, we may get a chance to play a positive diplomatic role in helping Palestinians and at the same time can have a bilateral technological pact.

To start, I began from a “human instinct” and tried its application universally and regionally. I am struggling to narrow the field of application of my philosophy. That hatred is the enemy of humanity. And it is equally harmful to an individual and universe. Gone are the days of a global village, we have stepped on the moon and any time can leap to mars. It is the era of a universal village. Hatred, intolerance and refusal to logic and obstructing the advancement of technology are not a sane approach. If we decide to cocoon ourselves in faith, race or ideological or geographical borders, we will contract the sphere of applying our capabilities and will fail to contribute to the universe. The empire of God is too huge for us to comprehend. We have to open ourselves. We can still maintain our identity and rights in a larger house, the home Mother Nature.

Coming to Pakistan, it is still being run on ethnic and sectarian hatred. Our PM is of the view that except Punjab all other federates are political dwarfs as they have not voted for him. The only politically mature federate is Punjab. He is so unaware that even Punjab did not vote for his manifesto but has voted for “jag Punjabi jag” it is not political maturity but revival fascism.

Coming to myself I am a follower of a philosophy based on love for all, hatred for none. Peace with all, fight with none. Non-violence is the greatest human virtue and a force that surrenders the enemy without a drop of blood being shed.

The unmatched weapon is education and “understanding of education” called wisdom and logic. We have been defeated in the recent election. It is not the time of mud slinging at each others. Others have the right to say anything about us, we have the right to defend yourself. But the history will not hold us responsible for what others say about us but will certainly hold us responsible for our hesitation not to probe our weaknesses and crimes, for putting introspection on ice slab or to go into a criminal silence.

The silence must be ended. This lid must be taken off to let the pressure of hatred and bitterness be released and logic prevails. We must have our total dissection, fibre by fibre and paw by paw like an onion. Let us not malign each other but prove the criminality has been used and punish the guilty accordingly. We must not shy away to open this Pandora box. Since long we have not in to look in the mirror.


ستا د جنت په تمه تمه چې مرﺉ
دا دے ووګو په سلګو مې قسم
اجمل خټک


Writer: Prof.(Dr) Khurshid Alam

The writer is a columnist with THE PASHTUN TIMES. He can be reached at 



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