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Where Pakistan stands in multi-polar world?

Dr. Khurshid Alam

Dr. Khurshid Alam

I think when Dr Tariq was writing his book‘the death of a state” it was the early 70s. In his canvas there was forsaken of’lesser Muslims’ in the then East Pakistan, nucleation of the eyes of the eldest son of the Nawab Attaullah Mengal and Sukkur tribunal with civilian Martial administrator on the top. The canvas is the same today but more crowded and the situation is worse still the country is there, though tethering under internal and external pressures. If anything has swollen it is the establishment. The fatter the establishment the contacted the civilian role. The institutionalized role of each segment of the society is called political phenomenon and non-institutionalized, at the best may be called a mayhem if not anarchy we are somewhere in the grey between the two.The democracy has been reduced to the Jinnah cap and Sherwani. Pluralism and platitude is at work. The establishment has squeezed and pushed the civilian to the periphery; just to do day to day domestic job. The country is divided into two halves on class base. The 15% who rule is living in a different Pakistan than the rest having no representative character of 85%, in other words they are as alien as a colonialist. The exception is exceptionally rare.

After 34 years while looking at the same canvas lying in front the fault-lines intersecting the canvas have increased in no and character. Each line reflects devilish designs of human mind like terrorization, radicalization, sectarianism, corruption and collectively criminalization eroding the social, moral, economical fabric of the society. A weak society is easily ruled.

 We don’t enucleate eyes we just mutilate the bodies beyond recognition and pile them up in a desert and let the relatives recognize, if they can. We care less whether it is a school, university, Imam Bargah or hospital. There is nothing to pinch us. The irony the state is not supposed to eliminate it but sponsor it…. nurture it.

The state itself has grown a long veritable arm and have accessory criminal gangs of bandits specialized in different specialties and are assigned different front. People fear has been washed away by the criminalization of state they friendly partner. Absconding, disfigured bodies in sacks is a norm.

We have finished external loans by borrowing internally. We must do it we have to carry the international responsibilities of the Ummah. We have to eat grass to be a nuclear power, in fact we are. Proud to be the holder of third biggest tactical weapons stock pile.

Everything is allowed to be said but not truth. We shy away to experiment with truth? It does not fit in our policy or ideology of Pakistan or strategic necessities. We have to play an international role. We are the “THE ONLY MUSLIM ATOMIC POWER”.

We lost all old friends but in multipolar world there is no shortage to get new friends quickly. We are in many alliances triangular, rectangular. We will soon have CPEC and tunnel will connect the Punjab with 6% China having lesser economic base than Pakistan and the eastern developed China has the most developed ports and to shift its produce by land stretching by 2000 kilometers will not be logical unless their new found love make them do it.

This is not that we are not trusted but not the state but personalities are trusted more. The latest proof is the hiring of our brilliant Salah Uddin Ayubi for $ 1 million/ year but we have to do a bit of jugglery to minus Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen from Ummah after all they are also lesser Muslims since they are against Khademain Al Hararmain. Sanctity of Khademain is definitely more than Al Harmain. Friday crowd in Nowshera was worth seeing, a show of spiritual attachment to be used for political ends by Maulana Fazalur Rahman.

Our Foreign Policy stands on one leg it does not matter if we eat grass at home but we should be mightier than India and Afghanistan. Pakistan considers Afghanistan its enemy no-1. It is logical as well. Afghanistan has claim on Pakistan while Pakistan claim is on India. The reality is obvious if we look at borders fencing. If Punjab could do they would have put the fence of river Oxus.While fanfare is still going on at Wahga border. No fencing but kinship of both sides of Wahga, they don’t kill each other this martial art has been left to us..

We cannot abandon Nuclear weapons or part our ways with terrorists. They are playing very important in the security of the state, says Ch. Nisar. We didn’t say good bye to the US and Saudi they stopped coalition funds and targeted our highly value assets like OBL and Mullah Mansour; as a courtesy they should have asked us. And the matter of 7 F-16 should not be forgotten.

CPEC signs have appeared, two ships free of cost have been delivered their naval exercises in Gawadar. Gawadar has to be developed of course Chinese money to convert these Bugties, Marries and Mengal to minority. All we could give is to name the new Islamabad airport after China president Xi Jinping. In fact India has turned the table on us in Middle East. The table was ours along with crockery, we never knew that India is under the table?

The US has to think twice before dropping us like a cold turkey that should realize that the route to the South China strait goes through South west Asia. Our strategic milking has not come to end. We will fishing in the sea. If we succeed we will then milk two cows, better than one. If Reagan and Thatcher is not there we have Putin and Xi Jinping are two new Taliban’s. If worse comes to worse the China is there as she was in Bangla Dash war. Duality & deceit is done by everybody if we do, so what. We don’t care where we stand or sit, we care for what we get and how can we get it? Multi Pollard world has provided us a chance to flirt for a while. Let us enjoy.

Writer: Prof.(Dr) Khurshid Alam

The writer is a columnist with THE PASHTUN TIMES. He can be reached at



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