What have civil wars left behind in Afghanistan?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: On this day, 7th of October 2001 USA attacked on Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban government and root out al-Qaeda. The government of Taliban was knockdown. Al-Qaeda were swept out from Afghanistan. After ten years, Osama Bin Laden captured and killed in NEIGHBOUR country Pakistan. Mollah Omar Akhond and other leaders of Taliban found and killed in Pakistan. Billions dollars have pledged in aid to help Afghanistan. International community has promised Afghans that they will bring peace and prosperity to Afghanistan. Some reconstruction projects have implemented. And the result, 15 years after the invasion of USA and NATO, Afghanistan’s prospects look like dim and dark. Insurgents and the opposition group of the government have held control of some areas, particularly in rural areas. Level of corruption in Afghanistan accelerated to the highest. Over 1.2 millions Afghan quit their homes to flee the fighting. The number of civilians casualties has risen. We are suffering from war. We ain’t afraid of poverty. We are afraid of guns and the sound of explosion.

By Nasir Anzor, London

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