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Welcome to Pakistan

im2Ashfaq Ahmed, a famous Pakistani scholar and writer always emphasized and insisted to have get together with “baabey” (a term used for the senior citizens). Knowledge, information is not only found in books, there is indeed many things that can be obtained through these get together with baabey, but unfortunately, we are only finding out things and solutions in books and institutions. Learning process must not be confined to classrooms and books only. I was writing this article but a worthy example was not coming to my mind. At last I found a best example during get together with friends and that example suits Pakistani people. Once a person came across group of people, people in group asked his name and the replied as “Allah…” while he was not done with his name yet, people in group started beating him up, he asked for mercy to please listen me first, let me finish my name. they stopped and asked his name again, he thanked God and again replied as “my name is Allah…” before saying a single word after Allah they started beating him again. He cried to stop beating me and listen me! Again, group of people raised up hands from the person. At last the person shouted “my name is ALLAH BAKHSH”. Exactly the same is our society i.e. Pakistani society, I don’t know what to call Pakistani society assuredly.

Here you will be killed before finishing your words, tolerance level is almost zero. From school teacher to mullah in mosque, talks about peace in society, the question is how peace can be achieved? According to school teacher a society can easily be transformed by educating the society, while mullah talks about education (Not of western pattern) and making the society ultra-religious. Taking the example of Mashal Khan, a boy killed by mod of students in university by accusing him for blasphemy. I don’t know if he had committed blasphemy or not, but a student was brutally killed in front of many nobody dared to stop it. Not only people are killed in name of blasphemy but in Pakistan you can also be killed in the name of honor i.e. honor killing, according to a survey more than 1200 people in 2015 were killed in the name of honor. We can mention Qandeel Baloch as a victim of honor killings. You are also not safe here as a professor, you will be killed as Dr. Syed Wahidur Rehman was shot dead by unknowns in Karachi university. The society has no mercy over a qawwal like Amjad Sabri, who was shot dead in his car. You are also in the range of shooter even if you are in bullet proof car, as Benazir Bhutto was shot dead in Rawalpindi. If you are doctor then I’m sorry but you are also in the eyes of murderers, as doctor Farooq was killed in his clinic in Mardan. Never forget You also can’t survive in Pakistan if you are a news reporter or an Anchor. You are not even safe in holy places like masjid, church and mandir etc, there is a chance of being killed in suicide attack. Let’s now talk about children living in our society, either you will live like Aitzaz Hassan, a 15 years old boy, who sacrificed his life to save hundreds of children or you can be like children in APS Peshawar, where murderers will come school to shot you one by one, not only school students but university students are also not safe to survive as terrorists shot dead many students in Bacha khan university, Charsada. Even if you are a scientist like Abdus Salam indeed you are not fit to live here. Let’s talk about minorities in Pakistan, if you think you are not like the rest in Pakistan and your faith is different that would get you on the safe side in this society then dear! Come out this fantasy, here people throw a minority couple and the female was pregnant, burned to death in bricks kiln, the couple, Shama bibi and Sajjad Maseeh were burnt alive in Kot Radha town near Lahore in front of about 1000 of people but nobody stopped them.

The above examples are of killings, I can mention much more other than killings like victims of Kasur incident. Keep this in mind too, here you can’t question the role of some institution of state, otherwise you will be disappeared by unknowns.

Who is safe then? Nobody, then what is the role of state in providing security to citizen? What is your role in making the society peaceful? This is our society and we must contribute good things to it, at home, school and elsewhere we start preaching concept of patience and acceptance without accepting others it’s hard for a society to even survive. One must think about his goals and role to perform in society. A person must listen others, people must accept others. If we kept on traveling this route we will destroy our society for the coming generations.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan

Writer : Imran Khan
The writer is a student of international relations in Quaid Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan.

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