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We Mourn our Childern Amidst McCarthyists’ Cries of Blame: Opinion

BKUMcCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence. It also means “the practice of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict dissent or political criticism.”

Owing to their absolute satanic overtones the inhuman terrorist attacks on Army Public School last year and on Bacha Khan University Mardan yesterday, sent  shockwaves of remorse and pity across the globe and gleaned universal hatred of unparalleled magnitude for the perpetrators. In both instances the sheer novelty and pitiful vulnerability of targets identify the planners to be not only terminally dehumanized but brutally innovative in approach too.

On the other side of the divide, McCarthists of various descriptions have risen and occupied the screenscape of Pakistani media. They have not only replicated the innovative genius of the terrorists, but their mental derangement as well. These McCarthists are bashing India and Afghanistan in lieu of the attacks. They seem to have completely forgotten the role of Amir AL Momineen Hazrat Zia Ul Haq and his fidayeen in rank and file who sacrificed four democratically elected governments in the interest of furthering Zia plan in Kashmir via Afghanistan . The media mongers also seem to have lost all track of the wild and world record policy somersault of General Musharraf on one telephone call from Richard Armitage. The imagination of the General was not lacking in envisaging the size, feel and lash of the American danda, so he was not the least wanting in calling for about turn and double on the run, creating the classic Rambo situation for their erstwhile buddies the Taliban who didn’t have that stupendous capacity of such magnificent volte face sans ehre.

The media mongering McCarthyists also forget that it was Pakistan which, seconded by Saudi Arabia and emirates, presented the case for recognition of Taliban at the UNO, for acceptance as the rightful Government of Afghanistan.

These were no small crimes on part of decision makers and the self professed strategists of Pakistan. These cyclops proved instrumental in physical and political destruction of the ancient state of Afghanistan on one hand, and on the other, they decapitated the once vibrant, hopeful and forward looking millions of Pakistan – Many of whom were, have and could be used as zombies by anyone knowing the evil game well enough.

The process of creating the Frankenstein’s took twenty five years with 2 Elected Prime Ministers killed and 2 exiled for no wrongdoings proved till date. The whole drama of jihadism was to make hay while the American sun shone on rented tigers. However, the end game wasn’t that brilliant. The once brave lions of Islam who claimed to have devoured Soviet Union into pieces proved to be hyenas in the garb. They never had the heart to go to the classic masculine and the heroic end, but on the slightest sound of America’s vengeful roar, ran scampering like the horde of wildebeest.

Those were the days for them to have rethought their crimes against Pakistan and their neighbors and to have redeemed their honor by playing down their interest in favor of the national interest but they never did. As soon as they caught hold of the adder of the American cow again, they left not a second to fill their deepest entrails with filthy blood money.

The McCarthyists of Pakistani media must retain all the crimes against Pakistan and its people in their minds before venturing out to blame neighbors. Even if involvement of Afghanistan or India is proved it shouldn’t be drummed around the world. The concerned institutions should carry out their jobs as per SOP and the media should give the people solace and hope. They should also artistically remind the criminal elements in all state institutions to rethink the past and redeem the truth. Because in time and space there isn’t anything that’s going away for good.

We mourn our dead children and I quote the lines from Caldwell:

Whatever the year brings, he brings nothing new.

Turn, turn the page !

It turns, and we, and the squirrel in his cage,

And the sun, and the moon, and the moon’s

salt tide; And the earth turns too

Whatever the year brings, he brings nothing new.

Go through the door.

You shall find nothing that has not been before,

Nothing so bitter it will not be once more.

All this our sad estate was known of yore,

In old worlds red with pain, Borne by hearts

sullen and sick as ours, through Desperate,

forgotten other winters, when Tears fell, and hopes, and men,

And crowns and cities, and blood, on a trampled plain,

And nations, and honour, and God, and always rain. .

And honour, and hope, and God rose up again, And like trees nations grew. ..

Whatever the year brings, he brings nothing new.

Should some year suddenly bring something new,

We should grope as lost children, without a clue,

We should drift all amazed through such a queer

And unimagined year, Riding uncharted seas; a derelict crew,

Whistling in vain for the old winds that blew

From the old skies, we should seek far and near

Some mark by which to steer,

And some known port, that we might sail thereto.

Black nightmare and blind fear Shall seize and hold him who

In some year suddenly finds something new.

Jack Frost

Writer: Jack Frost

The writer is the Editor-in-Chief of THE PASHTUN TIMES. He can be reached at



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