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Violence Against Women Stems from Ongoing War: Ghani

Ghani36KABUL – President Ashraf Ghani has said the violence against women in Afghanistan stemmed from the ongoing war and the migration of large number of Afghans to foreign countries.
The president was addressing a programme titled “Afghan Women’s Skills Development from Islamic Perspective” at the Presidential Palace on Monday evening.
According to a statement from the Presidential Palace, the programme was participated by a number of religious scholars, women and civil society activists.
Shahla Farid, director of the Afghan Women’s Skills Development Center, briefed the participants about her organization’s activities.
Mulavi Danishjo on behalf of other religious scholars supported the government’s programmes about women from Islamic point of view and said violence against women was condemned in Islam.
A resolution letter about woman’s position in Islam and eliminating violence against women was also read out at the event.
After hearing speeches from the participants, President Ghani appreciated organizers of the conference and said the conceptual framework of the Afghan society was based on Islamic values.
“The programme helps us take a big step and understand women’s rights, we will discuss with women and scholars implementation of the resolution’s contents,” he said.
The president said Islam held in high esteem the dignity of women and added that the, violence against women in Afghanistan was fueled by the ongoing war and migration of Afghans.
The president said ulema and civil society institutes should work together for recognising women’s problems and creating awareness about violence against them.
Ghani said the Afghanistan’s Constitution was based on Islamic principles and had no parallel law in the region.
He said Islam preferred coexistence and acceptance of each other and Muslims should be united and understand each other.
The president stressed more efforts a improving Islamic education and institutionalizing Islamic values in the country.
The life of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) should be deeply understood and followed in social life, he said.
He added 300 million afghanis had been set aside for the construction of mosques and the government planned to increase the amount next year. -Pajhwok

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