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Uzbek woman says she beheaded a child in Russia on God’s orders

Uzbek-woman-who-beheaded-a-childThe beheading of a child by an Uzbek woman in Russia sent shockwaves globally after reports along with the disturbing footage of the woman appeared in the media showing her carrying the severed head of the child.

Soon after her arrest by Russian police, the woman appeared in Moscow court, making a distressing comment to media on the way to court, saying she committed the horrific crime after receiving orders from Allah ‘God’.

The 38-year-old mother of three, Gulchekhra Bobokulova, confessed that she committed the horrific crime.

According to the Russian officials, the woman was suffering from mental health problems, with an investigator in the court saying the horrific act was unprecedented in the country.

Bobokulova committed the horrific act as the child was in her care and started brandishing the child’s severed heard outside a metro station.

The authorities in Russia said the perpetrator was working with the family of the victim for over a year.

According to reports, the woman waited for the parents and an older child to leave before murdering the child who was believed to be around 3 or 4-year-old.

Yulia Ivanova, senior assistant to the head of the Moscow Investigative Committee, said the woman was clearly mentally unstable and the investigators will carry out a psychiatric assessment to determine her mental health state. -KP

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