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US strategy messages nothing, but war continuation: Karzai

KarzaiKABUL: Former President, Hamid Karzai emphasized that the US new strategy for Afghanistan had nothing, but the continuation of war and bloodshed.

“The US with its new strategy wants to use Afghanistan as a jumping board, which has no message for Afghans, except the continuation of war,” Karzai said, speaking in Iran’s strategic council for foreign relationships in Tehran.

He said that the US secretary of state landed at Bagram airbase due to insecurity, adding that calling the Loya Jirga would be necessary to put an end to insecurity.

The former president once again criticized the US new strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia, calling that a tool for killing Afghans and reaching Washington’s goals.

“This strategy is undoubtedly the continuation of war, not a measure to provide peace in Afghanistan,” Karzai addressed Iranian politicians. “Thus, I am against this strategy and as an Afghan citizen, I will stand against it.”

“My demand for the Loya Jirga is to discuss the current crisis in my country,” he added.

He said that the US secretary of defense was welcomed by 80 rockets in Kabul, people are killed in mosques and military bases, thus the Loya Jirga is the only way through which Afghans can break the crisis.

Karzai called the bilateral security agreement “very painful” for the people of Afghanistan, because Afghans gave sacrifice on daily basis.

He added that the US position for Pakistsan had many reasons including Islamabad’s tight relationships with China.

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