US strategy ineffective and influenced by defeated generals: Khawaja Asif

Foreign minister of Pakistan Khawajah Asif

Foreign minister of Pakistan Khawajah Asif

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s foreign minister Khawaja Asif once again revealed Islamabad’s opposition towards the new US strategy for South Asia, claiming that the policy has been influenced by the defeated US generals.

Asif said Wednesday that the new US policy was ineffective because it was influenced by the generals who suffered defeat in Afghanistan.

“The Americans have devised a framework for their policy for South Asia, which is in fact focused on Afghanistan. It was devised by generals who have struggled in Afghanistan for the last 15 years. I do not think any policy can be made by people with that baggage and mindset,” he was quoted as saying by Dawn News.

The foreign minister further added that he had urged the US State Department and other policy-making institutions of the country to have greater control of the American policy “instead of relying on President Trump’s rejected approach to this problem.”

The US President Donald Trump announced the new US strategy for South Asia and Afghanistan late in the month of August.

While announcing the new US strategy, President Trump strongly criticized Pakistan regarding the terror sanctuaries, saying  “For its part, Pakistan often gives safe haven to agents of chaos, violence, and terror.  The threat is worse because Pakistan and India are two nuclear-armed states whose tense relations threaten to spiral into conflict.  And that could happen.” -KP

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