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US presence in Afghanistan should be for peace not chaos, says Karzai

Karzai 01AUSTRIA: Former president Hamid Karzai has said the US presence in Afghanistan should be for ensuring peace and stability not for further deteriorating the situation and fueling war.

Karzai in his address at the European Institute for Security Studies in Switzerl said the US should respect the Afghan values, customs, laws, institutions such as the Loya Jirga.

A statement from Karzai office quoted him as calling the Loya Jirga a platform for the Afghans express their thoughts and decisions. He said the Loya Jirga could legitimize the US presence in Afghanistan.

He said for eradication of terrorism and durable peace and stability, the US should gain the trust of regional countries and work together with them.

He added the US presence in Afghanistan should ensure peace and stability in the country and not result in further destabilisation of the situation.

Karzai said the European Union should independently pursue its polices in Afghanistan and work on large scale for bringing peace to Afghanistan thus Afghan migrants could easily return to their country.

This cooperation, he said, would pull out Afghanistan from crisis and convert it into the area of mutual cooperation.

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