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US must implement Bilateral Security Agreement : Hamid Karzai


KABUL: Criticizing the American authorities for not responding to the cross-Durand Line aggression, the former president Hamid Karzai said that the United States must implement the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) in letter and spirit.

In his message on Nawroz, the ex-president said that violation of Afghan soil should be responded by the US government as it was duty of Washington to implement the security agreement and respond to foreign aggression against Afghanistan.

“The US has not honored the strategic and security agreements, in which the two states had agreed to join hands against foreign aggression against Afghanistan,” Karzai said.

He accused the US of not honoring the commitments made in the BSA. “Pakistan had attacked our country last year. Pakistani forces continue attacking the territory of Afghanistan. Pakistani choppers also violated Afghanistan’s airspace,” he said.

Karzai once again called on the Taliban leaders to shun violence and join the Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace and reconciliation process. “Peace, stability and development will come to the country if the Taliban leaders accept the call for peace and sit at the table of talks,” he said.

“Afghanistan has gone through many ups and downs in its journey. And also our country has a lot of pride in its history,” he said. The ex-president said that by the grace of Allah and with the strong will of Afghan people, Afghanistan would pass through the current situation successfully.

He hoped that the new solar year would bring peace, stability, prosperity, greenery and happiness to the Afghan masses and the Muslims.

“There is a moment of grief this spring as the Afghan security forces had rendered great sacrifices in the line of duty to maintain peace and security in the country,” he said.

Hinting to the Nawroz celebration, he said that Afghans had celebrated Nawroz for centuries. “It is one of the respectful occasions,” he said referring to the festival. -AT


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