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US interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan is not acceptable: Karzai


The former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has warned that the US interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan is not acceptable, pointing towards Secretary of State John Kerry’s remarks regarding National Unity Government duration.

In his speech during a gathering in Kabul, the former President said Kerry’s remarks regarding the Government of National Unity are a clear interference in internal affairs of the country.

He said continued US interference in Afghanistan’s affairs is not tolerable, emphasizing that the Afghan people supports US presence in the country provided that the national interests of the country are not compromised.

Karzai said no foreigner will be allowed to practice the national sovereignty of Afghanistan and urged the United States not to play with the sovereignty of Afghanistan.

He also insisted that peace and stability in Afghanistan will be possible only if the United State and Pakistan act honestly towards the Afghan peace process.

This comes as a number of political leaders reacted towards Kerry’s remarks regarding the continuation of the government of national unity after he suggested that the term of the government will not expire after two years.

The former Interior Minister Mohammad Omar Daudzai, acting provincial governor Ata Mohammad Noor and some lawmakers criticized the announcement by Kerry regarding the term of the government.

However, Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah said he is surprised with reactions regarding the remarks, saying the agreement for the formation of National Unity Government was one of the most important agreements concluded in the political history of the country.

Abdullah further added that certain politicians became recently became aware regarding the agreement as the politicians involved in the politics of the country should have reviewed it long ago.

Kerry said Saturday that “There is no end to this agreement at the end of two years or in six months from now. This agreement ends – this is an agreement for a unity government, the duration of which is five years.”

Kerry further added that the agreement did mention the effort to try to have the potential of a Loya Jirga at some point within two years, saying ‘That was a goal’. -KP


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