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US forces will continue counter terrorism mission in Afghanistan: Carter

ghani-and-carter-615x3002xKABUL: President Asrhaf Ghani and the US Defense Secretary, Ashton Carter, who landed in Kabul on Friday in an unannounced visit, appeared before media, where Carter assured his country’s support to Afghanistan in fight against militants.

US forces in Afghanistan would continue their counter-terrorism mission in Afghanistan, he said, adding, the United States will continue to target and eliminate remnants of al-Qaeda in this country.

“The US forces have killed important leaders of Daesh in Afghanistan and they will continue to deny safe sanctuaries to terrorist groups.” He also assured that not let militants to once again gain safe hideouts in the country.

Furthermore, he said that his country would remain beside Afghanistan and the people who have rendered huge sacrifices in the war against terrorism.

Carter reaffirmed strategic partnership and common vision for a secure and prosperous Afghanistan.

He said the continued financial assistance and presence of US troops shows to the world that the US is in Afghanistan and working with the Afghan partners to make Afghanistan a secure place, Carter told newsmen.

It is Carter’s last planned trip to Afghanistan before handing off his Defense Department responsibilities to his designated successor, retired Marine Gen. James Matis.

Lauding the Afghan security forces for their sacrifices, he said that they (Afghan security forces) succeeded in preventing the Taliban insurgent from achieving their goals.

President Ashraf Ghani thanked Carter for his trust in capability of the Afghan forces, and appreciated him for his role in decision to leave 8,400 US troops in Afghanistan.


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