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US forces stay in Afghanistan serious threat to regional peace: Pakistani senator

Sirajul-HaqA Pakistani senator has voiced concerns regarding the presence of the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, claiming that the continued presence of the US forces is a serious threat to regional stability.

Senator Sirjul Haq, Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami, has said the move by President Barack Obama was condemnable to grant broader role for the US forces in Afghanistan.

He was addressing the staff of the JI headquarters at an Iftar party he hosted for them at Mansoora lawns on Saturday, according to the local media reports.

Insisting that Obama was supposed to announce the full withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan, Sirajul Haq claimed that the US and NATO forces had killed millions in Afghanistan and Obama wanted to continue that.

He also added that the drone attacks were an attack on Pakistan’ independence and sovereignty and was not acceptable.

Obama on Friday approved broader role for the US military to assist the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) to fight the Taliban-led insurgency.

The broader role granted to the US military will allow them to accompany Afghan forces and assist them more proactively on the battlefield.

The US forces were earlier accompanying the Afghan Special Forces only when it was needed, according to the US officials said. -KP


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