Uprise of Hundreds of Local Pashtuns Against ISIS in Ningarhar

13940407000380_PhotoIHundreds of local Pashtun tribesmen have uprisen against ISIS in the Achin district of Ningarhar province in Eastern Afghanistan, which borders Pakistan.

According to Haji Ghalib, the governor of Achin, 600 local Pashtun tribesmen are helping the Afghan security forces in the battle against ISIS. He added that initially there were some 1500 ISIS terrorists in the border district of Achin, but currently most of them have been killed by the Afghan forces.

Mr Ghlib said further that the local tribesmen helping the Afghan forces would be recruited in the Afghan police soon after the ISIS terrorists are routed out of Achin.

The Afghan intelligence reports have estimated that the number of terrorists belonging to the ISIS in Afghanistan is from 2000 to 3000 terrorists.


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