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Untold Thanks – An Unconditional Act of Giving!

Dr. Naimat U. Khan

Dr. Naimat U. Khan

A chunk of masses is commonly and usually known to the world as “junky” despite having fancy names given by their parents. Junky – a beggar with drug addiction. At outer, they are within us but actually they are not. They are not kept outside the walls of a city but they are alien to us. Mothers point on them not to be like them – an advisory note to children. They are butt of jokes and at times victims of stones by naughty ones. A man in a car often raises his mirror to avoid their annoying behavior and begging hands. A pitiful stare always follow them. The whole agony is reflected from their downcast looks, deformed faces, bedeviled hair and dirty clothes as they are away from taking a bath for ages. A state where government does not ask the state of such ‘humans’, they are at the mercy of ‘giving hands’ of some good natured souls.

Sitting in a local tea shop with friends, a ‘junky’ came near us for begging. One of my friends shouted and scolded, “You Junky, do not you ashamed of this act? You are a young person; why don’t you go for some work instead of begging in front of others?” But this does not surprise me a lot. The intensity of this refusal is greater for these beggars in comparison to general beggar (without drug addiction). I called him “O young boy, come here. What’s your name?” for a moment, he remained silent as this is very difficult question to answer. After a pause, he opened his blackish (due to excessive smoking) lips reluctantly and uttered his name “Suliman”. I asked, “Suliman, what you will do with the money”? He whispered, “I am starving, will purchase bread with this cash”. “I will give you money with a condition” I said. “You will tell me the real reason of begging. Will you purchase bread or drug?” There was complete silence from Suliman.

Suddenly, my inner asked the same question from me, “If God is bestowing you without asking these many questions, why not such treatment with Suliman?”. As I was about to take my wallet out of pocket, my friend intervened “Are you encouraging and financing this Junky? I have noticed you having a soft corner for such people”. “This is not the case, I consider drug taking is a crime – not good socially, financially, and religiously”, I replied. “Then why such generosity?”, with his raising eyebrows. “My soft corner is justified as people like Suliman   might be the result of our society”, I responded. “Might be….”.

I opened my wallet and gave him a note of Rs. 1000. “It’s for me?” Suliman said with flabbergasted face; as he might not get a note more than Rs. 20 ever in life. “Yes, it’s for you”, I confirmed. He might not expect this much from me? …Expectations matter!

Upon the receipt of the note, I noticed a big smile on Suliman’s face without uttering a single word from his mouth as he was very thankful without saying “Thank You” – Untold Thanks!

My heart blossomed with his smile, feeling much relaxed with this half-hearted but self-contradictory act of ‘giving’.

A person should ‘give’ instead of asking for who is deserved and who is not, as God is giving us many things for which we do not deserve (An Unconditional Act of Giving). If someone can not afford to give, these humans should not be scolded for “being”. Instead there is a deep rooted hidden lesson in their ‘receiving hands’ – i.e., that you are ‘giving hands’. Nature can turn ‘giving hands’ to ‘receiving hands’ in a jiffy.

Writer: Dr. Niamat Ullah 

The writer is an Assistant Professor at University of Pseshawar Pakistan. He can be reached at



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