Unlawful and Inhuman Action of Armed Soldiers Against the Editor-in-Chief of the Pashtun Times, his Family and Children!

j112Who will Stop the Crimes Committed in the Name of National Security

BANNU: Today, while I along with my two small daughters aged 7 and 4 respectively, and my Mrs. entered district Bannu on Kurram Bridge, a convoy of Pakistan army appeared amidst very crowded traffic. A sepoy was brandishing a huge bamboo stick to frighten people and vehicles away.

Another car was on my left so I couldn’t get the car away from the sepoy and because he could clearly see my small daughters and my Mrs. sitting in front seat with me, I thought he would behave like a human being but unfortunately the offal mentality didn’t stop him and he hit my car with the bamboo stick with all his might and broke my window pane.

I remembered a professor who was hit by one such soldier right on the head from behind. The stick broke through the helmet and the man remained in hospital for many days!

I remember the two young brothers killed on roadside by army sepoys on Eid day while they were on their way to see their grandma.

I remember the graduate student they killed in Nizam Bazaar Bannu.

The last thing I will say is:

بڑا فوجی بنا پھرتا ہے جو بچوں سے ڈرتا ہے
بڑا ہیرو بنا پھرتا ہے جو لوگوں سے ڈرتا ہے


Those calling themselves soldiers are scared of children

Those we call our heroes are scared of humans

Jack Frost: Editor-in-Chief


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