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Undeclared military operation in South Waziristan

paki militaryBY MUHAMMAD ZUBAIR: Pakistan military is conducting military operations in Mahsud areas of South Waziristan. These operations are not declared. People from the local areas including women and children were evicted from their houses and made to live under open sky for days before they forcefully moved to Bakakhel (Bannu) IDPs camp. Women and children are kept separate from their family men. Men are not allowed to meet their families. Mahsud tribes are conducting Jirgas with PA SWA for allowing those families to be accommodated by their tribes-people in their private homes. So far these efforts are unsuccessful. Mahsud areas were vacated by tribes on Oct 17, 2009 and they were allowed to go back to rubbles that used to be their homes only last year after military declared of having ‘cleared’ the areas of ‘miscreants’. And yet, these fresh operations!!!!!

The daily humiliating and consciously insulting behavior that is meted our to the locals by army personal whose skin color, language, culture and values are completely different is causing some deep psychological wounds to the locals — in addition to the material damage. The army personal take particular pleasure in insulting the sense of pride of the local people — if any amount is still left!! Army is behaving, and is also understood by the locals, as a foreign army that has occupied an enemy land and treating the locals as if they were responsible for causing the army harm in the past. The locals are too weak to respond. They have been weakened both by the army and terrorists over the last decade and a half. But history shows that there is limit to the amount of oppression that a people can endure. Army is doing everything possible within its hands to bring that limit about.

By Muhammad Zubair

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