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UN Chief calls for peace in Afghanistan

UN-SG-615x300@2xKABUL: The United Nations Secretary General, António Guterres‏ in a surprised visit arrived in Kabul Wednesday to talk to government and people.

In a video clip tweeted by UNAMA, the Secretary General in his visit after hours of landing from a displace camp in outskirt Kabul said that “It’s my intention every years to play a solidarity visit in Ramadan, this is my solidarity visit to the Afghan people they has been suffering so much.”

He said that today I am also fasting to express my deep solidarity and I decided to start this visit to Afghanistan.

I talked to the most vulnerable people, the people displaced by terrible conflicts. They flew to Kabul losing everything with number of family killed, houses destroyed, which that need much stronger solidarity from the international community, he added.

He insisted that “Obviously peace is the solution for their problem. The international community, neighboring countries and all those that are related to the Afghan crisis need to come together to understand this war has no military solution, we need to have a political solution, we need to have peace.”

He said that we cannot leave this people alone, we cannot leave this people suffering so much, we need to increase the level of military assistance and we need to create all conditions for them to be able to live in dignity

Secretary General also said that UN stands with Afghanistan at a time of violence and suffering.

The UN Secretary General visit come at a time, where Kabul was witnessed for multiple horrible attacks and anti-government protest in recent days.

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