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Turkey Shoots Down a Russian War Plane

151124093549-russia-jet-syria-crash-1-exlarge-169Downing of Russian plane is a ‘stab in the back’ from Turkey, says Putin.
The war plane that Turkey shoots down is the Su-24 according to the Russian president Vladimir Putin, which was flying over Syrian territory and hit by Turkish F-16s. The Turkish media, however, reports that the Russian War plane was hit in the territory of Turkey, and that the plane was warned ten times over five minutes against the violation of turkey’s territorial sovereignty. Turkey is a strong enemy of Asad regime and had previously warned of shooting down any Syrian or Russian plane entering the Turkish territory. President Putin has called the incident “a stab in the back” and added that the plane was hit by “the accomplices of the terrorists”. According to Putin the plane crashed 4 kilometers deep in the Syrian territory and had obviously not threaten Turkey, but was in fact operating against the terrorists. “They were carrying out an operation against [Islamic State militants] in the mountains of northern Latakia, where militants who originate from Russian territory are concentrated. So they were carrying the key task of preventative attacks against those who could return to Russia at any time”, Putin said. The NATO military alliance, of which Turkey is also a member, has said that the alliance was in contact with Turkey and there would be an immediate “informational meeting” in Brussels of the NATO ambassadors. At least one of the jet’s crew is among the dead while the fate of the second is still unknown.


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