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Turkey extends its NATO mission in Afghanistan for another 2 years

turkish-soldiers-afghanistanThe parliament of Turkey has approved the presence of its forces to operate in Afghanistan for another two years in the framework of the NATO-led mission, it has been reported.

The Turkish lawmakers approved the extension of its armed forces mission during a session of the parliament on Tuesday.

According to the local media reports, the move empowers the government to continue to its mission which expires on 6th of this month.

A legislation put into effect on January 1, 2015 allowed the Turkish government to send troops to Afghanistan to support the NATO-led mission Resolute Support, according to Anadolu news agency.

This comes as the NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg said earlier in December last year that the alliance’s commitments to Afghanistan’s security are strong and steadfast.

Speaking after the conclusion of the meeting of North Atlantic Council with Resolute Support operational partner nations, Stoltenberg said “We have just finished a meeting on Afghanistan with our Resolute Support partners.”

Stoltenberg further added “And our commitments to Afghanistan’s security is strong and steadfast. At our Warsaw Summit, we agreed to sustain Resolute Support beyond 2016, to continue national funding of the Afghan Security Forces through 2020, and to work on our long-term political partnership and practical cooperation with Afghanistan.”

Later, a board of NATO partner countries reaffirmed their commitments to the Afghan National Army, approving about $390 million for projects advancing the wellness and capabilities of the Afghan force.

According to a statement by the alliance, the 2017 NATO ANA Trust Fund Implementation Plan will fund more than 37 projects for critical sustainment of the Afghan Army, including salaries and incentive pay, infrastructure sustainment, logistic sustainment and more. -KP


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