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Trump and the Muslim world

Dr Iftikhar Alam

Dr. Iftikhar Alam

Donald Trump has entered in his 104th day of presidency, after he has taken presidential oath by the 20th of January this year. In comparative political analysis Trump is no way different than the previous President except racism. The ever-bold decision he has made in his first presidential month was to ban seven Muslim Countries, which has brought many heterogeneous feelings toward him. One thing is commonly understood that he is the man of his words, whatever they may be.

I will not be wrong to say, most of the banned countries are damaged and destroyed by the American themselves, except Iran. These countries have no other way to find a safe and secure shelter, which America has rejected to provide. Donald Trump is considered the highly racist and manipulated American president, so far in the history of America.

Trump could have banned Afghanistan and Pakistan too, if there were no interest left. Afghanistan has been considered to be the battlefield for the Grand-Game yet to happen. Pakistan is playing a double standard game to be present in the situation.

In the premises of American Policies, Pakistan has yet to pay more, in the shape of bomb blasts, bloodshed and destruction of its own country, to make the master happy. What I can sum up my letter is, it’s a peak time for Pakistan to review its Foreign and domestic policies.


Dr iftikhar Alam


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