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Trump should not prolong Afghan killing under Taliban pretext: Karzai

KarzaiKABUL: Former President, Hamid Karzai says that the US president Donald Trump should not prolong the war and killing of Afghan people under the pretext of war against Taliban.

His remarks come after Trump rejected talks with Taliban leaders, a statement that hints the continuation of war in Afghanistan.

Karzai said that he was against the US continuing war in his country, calling on Washington to stop “brutal game” with Pakistan in Afghanistan.

In an interview with the Voice of America, the former president condemned Taliban’s recent attacks in Kabul, but said that it should not be a pretext for the US to prolong war against Afghan people. He asked the US and Pakistan to stop their brutal games in Afghanistan.

“If the United States continues its militancy policy in Afghanistan, this means that Washington and Islamabad are friends to each other, seeking their common goals in Afghanistan,” Karzai said, adding that the US should get victory through real pressures on the Pakistani military and intelligence.

“Pakistan’s military and intelligence generals have good relationships and contracts with the US and its allies. They have houses in London and Washington, not in Moscow and Beijing,” he added.

The former president welcomed Trump’s anti-Pakistan statements, but said that this has so far remained in statement and nothing has been seen in action. “If he (Trump) doesn’t act, it would be just a deceive.”

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