Trump administration to close special envoy’s office for Afghanistan and Pakistan

State-Department-665x411The President Donald Trump administration will close the office of the US special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, it has been reported.

According to the Wall Street Journal, quoting informed US sources, the office will be absorbed into the larger State Department division responsible for South and Central Asia.

The officials speaking on the condition of anonymity said the acting US special envoy for the two countries was dismissed on Friday.

This comes as the Afghan and US officials are focusing to expand bilateral political and economic cooperation in the framework of the new bilateral cooperation between the two countries, according to office of the national security council of Afghanistan.

The Office of the National Security Council (ONSC) in a statement said Thursday that Afghanistan’s national security adviser and his US counterpart General Herbert McMaster discussed the current situation through a video conference on Wednesday evening.

The statement further added that the two sides held talks regarding the political and security situation of the country and the region.

The two sides also reached to some agreements in this regard, the statement said, adding that Mr. Atmar his American counterpart discussed the framework of the new political and security cooperation between the two countries, the statement said, adding that Gen. McMaster has said the negotiations will continue so that necessary support can be utilized to Afghanistan in a bid to help with the stability and peace in the country.

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