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Transgenders in KP succeed in securing driving licenses with their desired gender identity

In its historic first, Pakistan Transgender Persons are issued driving licenses and traffic police will be teaching them how to drive.
Transgender Community in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province has once again taken a lead in
securing their legal rights and after getting transgender passports, health Cards, inclusion in
national census and Prime Minister Skill Development Program now they have succeeded in
securing driving licenses with their desired gender identity .
Today in ceremony organized at Traffic Police Headquarters 30 transgender persons were were
issued driving licenses and based on their self assumed gender identity and existing NIC
documents. No transgender person was forced or asked to change their legal documents to
receive the national driving license. The traffic police will be organizing a separate class for
those transgender persons who want to learn the driving skill at Peshawar Cantt Police driving
learning school.
Farzana Jan a fear less transgender rights activist who leads a transgender community alliance
(TransAction) In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who also has the honor to receive Pakistan’s first NIC
with X , Pakistan first passport with X identity, and who is the first transgender scout has once
again become the first Pakistani transgender persons who received a the first Pakistani driving
lenience showing her identity as transgender person says “Today is an other victory for trans
people and human rights in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Its not the end of our battle it’s just the
SSP Traffic Peshawar Yasir Afridi Says “Transgender Persons are equal citizens of Pakistan, We
respect their identity and expression, We are glad that Khyber Pakhttunkhwa is again leading in
opening its heart to the transgender person, We are the first province to make it possible for
the transgender community who have suffered for long, I appreciate the efforts of Blue Veins,
TransAction, PJYO for streamlining the needs of this community”. “It’s hard enough to navigate
the world as a transgender person. The least we can do is ensure that your driver’s license
doesn’t have to make it any harder” He added.
Qamar Naseem Program Coordinator Blue Veins and member of the Chief Minister Special
Committee on Rights of the Transgender Persons (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) Says “ The For trans
people, “ID anxiety” is almost daily occurrence. This is a landmark achievement and we are
very grateful to SSP traffic Peshawar Yasir Afridi and his team for making this happen”. He more
over said that “Allowing people to update their gender markers and giving them legal identities
with their desired gender can reduce the risk of harassment and discrimination they experience
when their physical appearance does not match the gender on their ID”.
Taimur Kamal Coordinator of the Peace Justice and Youth Organization Says For many
transgender people in Europe changing their name or gender on a driving license requires an
invasive—and offensive—medical procedures. The world has to learn from Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan who is much progressive on the “right to respect for private
Arzu Khan General Secretary of the TransAction Alliance says “ We are grateful to our allies and
supporters in Govt, Civil Society, Media and all other who have it possible for the transgender
community in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Having a driving license was dream for me and I am glad
this dream becomes true.
It is important to mention that the KP transgender protection policy is in their final stage of
finalization which also emphasizes that the provincial government shall ensure that public
transportation is transgender friendly and the state laws clearly prohibit such treatment which
makes public transportation inaccessible to Transgender and other vulnerable communities.
The traffic police officials also say that they will take action against those public transport
vehicles who charge extra, harass or deny services to transgender community or any other
vulnerable population.

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