Three shot dead in the ‘name of honour’

HKDERA MURAD JAMALI: Two women and a man were shot dead in what police claimed to be cases of honour killing on Wednesday. The murders were carried out in two unrelated incidents in Nasirabad and Kachhi districts of Balochistan.

In the first incident, the suspect, Abdul Rasheed, shot dead his wife, Shehnaz Bibi, near Uch area of Dera Murad Jamali in Nasirabad district. “She sustained multiple bullet injuries and died on the spot,” a police officer said, adding that the suspect fled from the scene after the incident.

“It is a case of honour killing,” the police officer said, adding that the body was later handed over to the heirs for burial.

In a separate incident that took place in Mashkaf area of Kachhi district, a man opened fire with an AK-47 rifle on his daughter and her alleged paramour, killing them on the spot.

The suspect, identified as Shahjahan, fled from the scene after killing his daughter, Haleema Bibi, and her alleged paramour, Mohammad Nawaz Bangulzai.

Police moved the bodies to the hospital and later handed them over to the heirs after autopsy. No arrest was reported in either case. -Dawn


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