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Three Cousins Muslim, Christian and Jew

farhad-zaheerAll Ahli Ketab followers, whether they be Muslims, Christians or Jews, are cousins, and their enmity is quite like that of Pashtoon cousins. When Pashtoon cousins become each other’s enemy, they do not care that we are the grandchildren from one grandfather, that we have one religion that is Islam, we speak one language, and we have one tribe. Ahli Ketab followers are the same. They do not care about who was Prophet Musa, Essa and prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and each one defends his religion and has its own followers. As we read about World War 2, the German dictator, Adolf Hitler killed 6 million innocent Jews. As we learned from Western interference in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya, they killed many innocent people, and Muslims themselves killed each other by one ideology or faith. Furthermore, many innocent Christians such as those in Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan were killed, and many of them were forced to leave and became homeless. Each religion’s followers believe themselves to be angels and defend themselves accordingly in senseless wars in which many innocent people are killed. We must learn to solve our issues with non-violent discussion. Humanity should be our first nationality and the world should be our shared village.

By: Farhad Zaheer


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