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Those shouting today are in fear of the loss of their personal interests: President Ghani

Ashraf-GhaniKABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said those who are shouting today are in fearing of losing their personal interests, mainly from the imports of the resources.

The President was apparently gesturing towards the growing criticism he has been facing, mainly from the political circles opposing the circumstances involved in his presidency.

He was speaking during a gathering organized in ARG for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing and the newly formed Chamber of Commerce and Mines.

President Ghani thanked the private investors for their efforts and said the industrialists are conveying the message of peace and development while the enemies of the country only convey message of death and destruction.

Calling the industrialists as a main factor to bring unity among the people, President Ghani hailed the industrialists for their efforts and belief in bring peace and stability in the country through investments in domestic production.

He said the industrialists are an example for those who are prepared to compromise with the billions in national interests for pennies of interest for themselves.

Emphasizing on a triangle which he believes could lead to the development and prosperity of the country, President Ghani said one of the angles of the triangle is peoples’ contribution, specifically the women’s role, emphasizing that the government should always remain committed to support the private sector and industrialists to respond to the demands of the people and investors. -KP

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