The Wraith by Kay Saxon

Kay Saxon

The Wraith
‘What are you doing here, woman?
Why are you here?’
‘This is the world,
I am a human being,
I belong here.’

‘What are you doing here, woman?
Why is your head not covered?’
‘My head is covered,
How it was made,
With grey hair and sorrow.’

‘What are you doing here, woman?
You’re not allowed out on your own.’
‘I am not alone, you are here.
What have I to fear
From another human being?’

‘What are you doing here, woman?
You are disobeying the law.’
‘A law that says I cannot breathe,
See, love, feel joy, sing and dance,
That is a bad law.’

‘What you are doing here, woman
Is a sin against god and his laws,
And you will die for those words.’
‘I am already dead,
Because your god won’t give me life.’

By Kay Saxon, London


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