The words, he uttered?

At last “the soul” spoke out the two forbidden words; Pashtun vs. Military. The later didn’t like and resorted to repression on Pashtun youths. Their Printed material confiscated and the right to free movement of the “CHE” were restricted. Air travel was banned.

People and few groups from our land were propped up to carry out a nasty and senseless propaganda against PTM. It was dubbed as anti-state and foreign hands were sketched.  Pakistan and Islam were hastened in danger. As if the process of plummeting Pakistan will be enhanced by according civil rights and dignity to Pashtun. Chi intelligence was questioned and his language was dubbed to be that of a foreign intellectual and politically seasoned group speaking through him. In other words brainy and bright Pashtun is not conceivable for them.

We were reminded the sacrifices of the men in uniform but our sacrifices and suffering were zero-levelled. Those who perished, were forgotten those who lived but mutilated and having scared memories was the cost we paid for army action.

No one pondered, why in the first place the military actions were deemed necessary? Were terrorists created and reared by us or military? And was it justifiable that action against the terrorists will be at the cost of our humiliation and mutilation? Does one wrong justifies another wrong to be done without a guilt or remorse? Terrorist killed us but did not rob our dignity. Military actions were death with humiliation and life with robbed dignity.

This is exactly what CHE (Manzoor) said in his latest message. We didn’t sacrifice but the sacrifices were thrust on us. It was an invasion or over all assault on us to eliminate us physically and destroy our culture and identity, our language and our dreams altogether. It is the dream which excels humanity and stimulate evolution. We were robbed us of our dream. It was them who gave the name “sacrifice” to the all-out war to vanish us. Our people being uneducated were made to feel proud or fooled, as if they wanted to sacrifice for the step motherly state. No one sacrifice for self- elimination or self- disgracing. Confusion was created along with the fear, those who could understand failed to make the realization of his understanding. It was a very deep and obnoxious and complex dogma faced by our people.

We were killed by terrorist and military alike in the name of the religion. We were caught in smog of cross fire. If the enemy was not visible but it was definitely palpable. Our homes and hearths were destroyed, shops and markets looted and then raised to the ground. The war on terror was fought but the consumables and combustibles were, we Pashtuns.

The terrorists have been spotted who are scot free and have their offices. We know who they after are? When will be the fourth blood bath who knows but it will be definitely around the corner? If they are not in uniform, they are certainly their shadows.

Chi appeal must be listened to. His grief choking voice must be understood. His each word must be analyzed. He is the master of the band who is our fortune changers. The history is watching us.

Our shoes are full of our own blood, who so ever has shed it is irrelevant. What is relevant is our political numbness. The international fraternity will respond only when we prove that we are responsive to our surroundings. The very basic fabric of our society (FAMILY) has been tarnished by Military and terrorists, in alliance.  Our silence will be tantamount to signing of our own death certificate. There is no neutral outlook but either we suicide or opt to live with dignity and grace. To live without identity is opting out from social animalism to total animalism. The soul has spoken out the choices and now it is the turn of our reply and acumen.

The military dogma and nationalism or liberalism cannot go together. The children of midnight is weaving a web to entangle us. Are we ready?

Writer: Prof.(Dr) Khurshid Alam

The writer is a columnist with THE PASHTUN TIMES. He can be reached at


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