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The Tip of an Iceberg: Wali Khan in Pakistani Politics

We do want provincial autonomy but with historical sanctity: Late Wali Khan

wali Khan01In my previous article, my experiment with Communists and Islamist,  I mentioned, it was Late Ajmal Khattak, who introduced me to the heart ache of national identity. Abdul Wali Khan; was the one who armed me with knowledge, analytic thinking and logical approach. It was expensive jewelry, for my “would be the bride”.  Initially it was just discussion for hours but later it was a guidance in reading certain books too. I still remember the first books, he recommended to me, “My experiment with truth” by Mohan Das Gandhi and “India wins freedom” by Maulana Azad. 


Bacha Khan

Certain events, personalities, or books do leave an in-erasable impression on one’s mind. Which ultimately shape one’s vision and destiny. Life is not a chain of moments but every moment holds a life, which one can avail if he has the knowledge and wisdom. A political worker when peeps back into his past, he sees numerous events and personalities involved in his making but certain are so important that they can be termed the mile stones of a political life. Never forgettable. I am no exception to this general rule.

Polity and civility was the second name of Wali Khan

It was Wali Khan; to decorate my national bride. I was wedded to my dream by Bacha Khan in Gulrang. Wali Khan was six and a half foot tall tip of iceberg in my political life. I owe to him and all other contributors. Polity and civility was his second name.

Every writing is based on; a point of view that is knowledge and angle of view, which is an observation. One just cannot eliminate subjective element or human incapability to grasp what he has heard or read and give it meaning. I do not claim that my long association with Wali Khan from 64 till his death has enabled me to know exactly what he was. My only endeavor is to be honest to the history.

Wali Kan was never out of politics as some people believe, after 1947. The family of Bacha Khan were kept out of limelight for 18 years in the initial 20 years of Pakistan, better termed,” the new Islamic colonization”. Bacha Khan was either in prison or in exile from his home province. Even the ceremony of the second marriage of Wali Khan was held in in Attock Fort because Bacha Khan was not allowed to enter the then N.W.F.P.

Thousands of K.Ks were languishing in the prisons, subjected to inhuman torture, a glimpse of what one can see in, “Da Za pagal woom?”

It was 64, during Fatima Jinnah election that Wali Khan came to lime light. Her election resulted in the split of NAP, when it was revealed to Wali Khan by Mr. Bhutto about Maulana Bhashani support to F.M. Ayub. A high powered delegation including Wali Khan rushed to the then East Pakistan. Maulana confessed with tears rolling on his face, that he was under great pressure from China. Afzal Bangash, Shahinshah Mian were found to be with him.

Bacha Khan was either in prison or in exile from his home province. Even the ceremony of the second marriage of Wali Khan was held in Attock Fort because Bacha Khan was not allowed to enter the then N.W.F.P.

A huge party convention was held in Peshawar; Wali Khan was elected as President of his faction of the party. It was popularly known in the press as pro- Moscow and the other was called pro-China. The East Pakistan President, Prof. Muzzafar said; while addressing Pakhtun Students Federation in Dow Medical College,” what I witnessed in Peshawar, I must say Bacha Khan is a great teacher.”

It was during this election that I came closer to Wali Khan. After few months when Wali Khan came to Karachi; Ajmal Khattak took me to Wali Khan as if he has satisfied himself and now putting my services at his disposal. I was not good at signs language but this is what I presumed.

From 63-68 I was involved in organizing Pukhtun Students Federation along with other colleagues. Study circles were organized in the house of a great nationalist, Abdullah Jan Kansi. It was in his residence that I came across most of the Pashtun and Baluch nationalist leadership and had exchange of ideas.

I want to tell you one thing, do remember, “There are two nations in the world, Pakhtun and Non-Pakhtun.” (Kamil Khan)

Ajmal Khattak

Ajmal Khattak

Ajmal Khattak was ultimately I/C of students but at times Kamil Khan of Zobe and Usman Kansi would also have classes with us. One day, after the class; Kamil Khan asked me to stay. He said; whatever I told these boys were irrelevant. It was Pakhtun’s politics in the frame of Pakistan. I want to tell you one thing, do remember,” There are two nations in the world, Pakhtun and Non-Pakhtun.” If you accept it, your mind will never be clouded”. To me it had a racist’s commotion. I kept quiet, later time proved he was right to a great extent.

In addition to my students activities I was an emissary of Ajmal Khattak and Wali khan. After election, Wali Khan gave me a letter to be given to Fatima Jinnah and Ajmal khattak letter to Faiz Ahmad Faiz; their comments shook me. They were no different than the comments of a street person or what Ali brother’s said to Bacha Khan.  Being a young man I just could not control my emotions and spoke out my mind.

I went to Mach jail to deliver a letter to Shaheed Kaka Jee from Wali Khan. I was not allowed to see him instead I gave it to late Usman Kansi, who was also in jail.

Salim RAZ, the great poet and political worker along with my elder brother, late Saran Zeb were working on laborer side, I had to co-ordinate with them. Salim Raz was supposed to train me in organizational matter as well. I had a feeling, it was internship; I was being watched.

NAP was considered a party of principles, with intellectual depth and having roots in the masses

Wali khan started a mass campaign by holding general meetings. It was a sort of fresh launch of an old ideology or preparation to complete the unfinished mission. In 60s and early 70s NAP was considered a party of principles, with intellectual depth and having roots in the masses. The young cadre was well informed. In the first 20 years of Pakistan it was on a run under the state terror, the ideology was kept alive by poets and writers in literary circles but the organizational work suffered a lot.

In 68-69 when the party was discussing participation in electoral politics, I felt that Wali Khan was not very enthusiastic to go for electoral politics. While addressing the selected gathering in the party office he said.” If you majority still feels that we should go for it, I have no objection. But our objective should be clear;

  • To know the power structure of Pakistan.
  • To define; how are we going to complete the un-finished mission and change the process of thinking. We do want provincial autonomy but with historical sanctity.
  • To help those who have laid their lives in freedom struggle.
  • Though I have my reservations but I bow to the decision of the majority. It is unfortunate that the three important speeches of Wali Khan are not there in our archive. The last two were in provincial and national assemblies.

Unfortunately; the sanctity of the ballot was not honored. Muslims were once again divided for political power.

I feel personally that we could have used the alternatives. Why did Wali Khan stop short of the alternative during his address on the graves of Qissa Khwani martyrs, I didn’t know at that time. Most of the people were expecting the alternative, including foreign press.

Though we emerged as a large party in KPK in coalition of JUI in the so called free and fair election under Gen. Yahya and obtained absolute majority in Baluchistan. Our mandate was crushed by Mr. Bhutto, after replacing Gen. Gul Hassan and Air Martial Rahim who refused to take action in the two provinces. Gen. Tikka took over who was known as a butcher of Bengali’s.

I believe it was 2 years later when I asked about it from Wali Khan in London. According to him that the elections were fair for all but not for us. The Royal family of Afghanistan used Nang-e-Yusufzai against us. PPP, Qayum league and JUI were funded in elections. Secondly army was not impartial in our case. Unless our nation voice is one, it was suicidal to opt for an alternative.

The crackdown was eminent after the dismissal of the governments of Baluchistan and the governor of our province and refusal of Mr. Bhutto to lift the emergency. Three points to be noted; Nang-e-Yusufzai was staying with Wali Khan, Wali Khan was kept engaged in constitution making and thirdly emergency was never lifted for a single day during Bhutto’s tenure, reference to the book of the year, by Jean Lamb. I was instructed to go to England to start a newspaper. It was a difficult task.

During the election days; Gen Gilani joined NAP when I asked Wali Khan that it is widely believed that he is CIA implant in our party, Wali khan smilingly told me, I am surrounded in my own home by these people. I failed to grasp it.

I was released from the army on the recommendation of Late M.Afzal Khan Lala.  Financial help was given by my colleagues to buy ticket. I landed at Heathrow London; with Six pounds and 10 pence. I had no alternative but to stay with Dr. Abdul Malik Kansi in Birmingham.

Akbar Bugti

Akbar Bugti

After a week, he took me to London where we met Nawab Akbar Bugti. We stayed till late at night. Nawab Sb introduced me to an elderly gentleman, who was introduced as the editor of Hindustan Times. He insisted for my interview. Nawab Sb pressurized me through Dr. Kansi. I knew Wali Khan is in London, living in a rented accomodation with a Punjabi family. I wanted to consult him before I take any step. I got his no from Kamran Khan of Swat, who was also in London.

I reached him with a great difficulty at 2 A.M. thanks to the help of police; leaving my wife and 9 months old son at the tube station. Wali Khan told me,” Nawab Sb is sold during the trip to Moscow and on his return to Pakistan he will be appointed as governor and so is Daulatana”. Faiz Ahmad Faiz is also suspected to be appointed as an ambassador to Moscow. When I told him about my wife and son, he just went over few points quickly and asked me to rush to my family. In Britain there were strong antipathy against Pakistanis, due to army atrocities against Bengali’s. The Paki- bash movement was at its peak.

Next day I read his article in the daily Guardian and could guess what the near future is holding for us. To me Bhutto’s attitude was more vindictive than political.

I received a letter in Nov. 72 from Ajmal Khattak advising me to contact a party worker. After identifying each other I was given a letter; instructing me to contact Commodore Janjua to start publishing a monthly “The Democratic Pakistan.” If possible to organize a protest rally at the Pakistan’s high commission against the torture and atrocities of federal security force (FSF) against the political Prisoners.

The same gentle-man also told me that some Pashtun officers in foreign services will show their protest in some form in near future. It did happened after some time but those in Europe backed out and the only one was Bashir Matta, who registered his protest internationally.

In 74; I was called by Wali Khan to collect him from Dr. Qazi residence. Nasim Bibi was accompanying him.

As we arrived at my house, he asked Nasim Bibi to go out to the garden and see the daffodils, roses and to take my son along and let my wife could prepare food. I could guess he means business.

Afrasiab Khattak

Afrasiab Khattak

I briefed him about my activities. He went through different pamphlets and gave me few instructions. I told him in detail about my long meetings with Be-Bandas Shastri, the chief political adviser to Mrs Indra Gandhi and Indian policy towards the truncated Pakistan. In nutshell, India had no interest in Geo-political destabilization of Pakistan. It was not in the India’s national interest. Pakistan was no more than a buffer state between India and U.S.S.R. The Indian were too much engaged with worsening economy and China to the North.

I also informed him that we have effectively blocked Mr. Bhutto to get an honorary PhD from the Oxford University by exposing his anti-democratic stance, torture of political prisoners particularly of Mr Afrasiab Khattak and arrest of four year old Mir Wais, son of Ajmal Khattak, along with his mother on return from Kabul, on the charges of anti-state activities. I did tell him that along with democratic Pakistan, which was a party organ, I have started on my own a bi-monthly, “Bullet for Bullet”.

Wali Khan gave me a full detail of the past and analysis of the current situation. He was the opinion, the Party structure and intellectual depth is not geared to materialize the dream of Bacha Khan. It needs a lot of spade work covering all aspects of a revolutionary organization.

Even they are not ready to make the Jinnah speech or Allah-Abad Khutba, as the preamble of the Pakistan constitution

He opined that we should have two tier approach. One is to struggle with other democratic and liberal elements for a federal democracy in a bicameral system with powers resting in upper house. Unfortunately; the army is so deeply entrenched in the state structure, to dislodge them is an awesome job. They won’t allow it. Pakistan is made for a mindset. They are mostly the Aligarh school of thought elites. Even they are not ready to make the Jinnah speech or Allah-Abad khutba, as the preamble of the Pakistan constitution. Pakistan existence is lying on hatred, can only survive in stress and strain. None is ready to sort of the basic issues because they are extraterrestrials. The first step should be to bring Pakhtun in Pakistan in one administrative unit. It is of paramount importance to maintain close relation with Baloch obviously for international reasons.

The alternative; needs a lot of spade work at home and internationally. The world is not aware of the problems we are facing. I do realize it needs resources but you know about Pakhtun. Before partition Pakhtun journal was supported by few Pashtun in the United States. No one was ready to buy it, Bacha Khan used to distribute it free of cost.

It is very easy to criticize but it is very baffling to work. The party structure is another misfortune. Those who how to organize, are not ready to spare time. And those occupying seats can neither deliver, nor ready to vacate. Regimentation is not possible in our party. The party is not paying to the workers like J.I.

You must not sacrifice realism for the sake of idealism. The international powers will start taking interest when we are organized and show our worth. We are divided in 7 administrative units having different objective conditions with different outlook. No one knows more than you about Afghanistan, the situation is worse there.

I don’t want to admonish you, but realism should not be crucified on the command of deluded idealism. I am telling you because you have proved. It is obscured publicity of our own that I am surrendering my faith or national destiny. But I must emphasize our party structure was comparatively more homogeneous before partition. At present the party has heterogeneous character and enemy is shrouded in Islam. In contemporary politics morality is irrelevant, Be-Bandas was right to tell you about the Indian “No Interest”.

A political leader under siege, I have a responsibility to save the nation who have suffered a lot and still suffering

He continued we must not licentiousness to our dream. We must contribute, the contributions will shape our destiny. You have my unwavering support but as a political leader under siege, I have a responsibility to save the nation who have suffered a lot and still suffering. It is not an individualistic venture, it needs resources, strength at ground and attraction for international players. To make history is different than electoral politics. The later has glamour; people go for it.

Continue with Democratic Pakistan, broaden your contacts but contacts without knowledge does not bear fruitlet. I will keep on sending you money, if we are not arrested.

You are right that the best way to create national awareness is audio and video but it needs dedicated workers to make and distribute. I didn’t see another person with you in last few years. Our nation is not literate to read.

Our meeting lasted for the whole day. He hardly took a break. He stressed that I should never carry any party Id on me and not to proceed further if I have a wish to join electoral glamour. I am going to Pakistan, he said. May not see you but your family is first to you. Don’t take up any mission beyond your range. You are only answerable to me, if you decide to carry on. Don’t mix up history-making with Pakistani politics and let me know. The workers are not literate so I use the word provincial autonomy but you are witness to it that when I address the educated section I invariably use the word provincial autonomy with historical sanctity.

He knew I am recording it. He didn’t object to it but just said don’t keep sensitive materials. I came to tell you, what I think, and wanted to let you know that a person from Swat, is on pay role of Pakistan High Commission, chasing you. Never go to any Embassy including Afghanistan unless I tell you. Though I used to get invitations but I never went there till Dr. Najeeb took over. Mr. Wiyal was appointed as councilor general.

Getting up from his chair he kissed me and my wife. My wife chipped in to complain about my dangerous activities, he hugged my little son and asked my wife to keep a check on me. Dey Lewaney dey.

It turned out to be correct, whatever he said. There was massive crack down. The strategy was that the leaders will go for arrest and workers should flee.

Due to some reason, some of the important workers were arrested along with the top 72 leaders, the rest fled to Afghanistan or went underground.

I arrived Pakistan the day when Mr. Bhutto was addressing the nation, heard his speech accusing our party for high treason. It was after 4 years that I came to see my mother but I got the message through a schoolmate; Khaista Mohd, that Bibi would like to see me at 2 A.M in Bilour house.

Begum Naseem Wali Khan

Begum Naseem Wali Khan

Young Sangeen Wali was sitting outside and told me to enter. Bibi was talking to Barrister Zahoor, the Gen. Sec of the party. She asked me to go to Kabul to deliver letters of Bacha Khan and Wali Khan to Ajmal khattak, who had fled after Liaquat Bagh carnage. While on my way that I read in Jang, that Barrister has been appointed as Attorney General. I said to myself, this is the difference between us and Bengali’s, their C.J refused to take oath from Gen. Tikka.

According to her instructions I was received by Haji Nader Khan Afridi; accompanied by Dr. Kaimoor. The security on Ajmal khattak was very tight because of an abortive attempt on his life by Pakistan’s intelligence, thanks to timely leak by one of our party worker in Foreign Services based in Iran. I am not aware of the contents of the letters. Ajmal Khattak was edgy and queasy after reading.

Next morning, he told me that he is going to see Sardar Sb. After a while Dr. Kaimoor, came to take me on a tour of Kabul and have a lunch with him in Bagh-e-Bala, Amir Abdur Rehman Palace, and turned restaurant for elites. Mr. Sufi was accompanying us. As he found a chance he confided with me, why shouldn’t we seek the support of the USA? USSR is more interested in international communism. I replied; why not, we want an apple, the tree is irrelevant. What about the leaders on your side? I said I will get you their signed approval. He was surprised by the authority I was talking. I asked him; if his wife, who was German, has any link; I am ready to meet.

I was advised not to go back to Peshawar. I went straight to London. While leaving, I saw Ajmal Khattak strolling in the back lawn in a very raddled and dejected state. All he said to me; every glittering thing is not gold. We had many fallacious perceptions.

Afzal Khan Lala

Afzal Khan Lala

Back in the UK some our actions back fired. Janjua turned out to be implanted person, we had to stop publishing Democratic Pakistan. I made an exceptionally far-reaching blunder that without confirmation from Kabul, I owned the killing of Late Hayat Khan Sher Pao. Mr. Bhutto rushed back from Rome to Pakistan and crackdown started. I received a telegram from Kabul, to withhold the distribution and wait for instructions. I rushed to my residence to tell my wife. My job was to collect material, she was responsible for printing and distribution. She used to post from different places so that we are not traced. She told me that the last lot, she just posted from another city. It was produced as self-confession against the leaders in Hyder-Abad tribunal. Mr. Asfandiyar Wali along with other workers were arrested. They were badly tortured in Bala Hisar by FSF, I was condemned and scolded by each and every leader.

After completing a “mission”, I went to see Wali Khan in Prison. Dr. Yusuf Kansi, who was Jail doctor arranged the meeting. Wali Khan just brushed aside the problem by saying it was the mistake of Kabul, so what if Asfandiyar is gone to jail. He is a young man; does not matter if he spends 6-7 years in Jail. No gain without pain.

When I briefed him about my visits to different places including Afghanistan and discussion with the people of western media, men of words and members of parliament, he didn’t show any surprise “that we have been sold out”. But when I told him every one needs agents, not partner including Afghanistan. For the first time, I saw two tears rolled on his cheeks and said,” Thank God, I heard truth for the first time.

I did tell him about the grouping and erosions are underway in the party by left wingers with certain well placed nationalists at the behest of foreign powers in partnership with the left-wingers of Afghanistan. Party workers have been replaced by personal servants of the chief of every district. Every single district has a dynasty factor. The people may accept one dynasty but will not accept more. Thanks to Dr. Yusuf, I got round about 20 minutes but I failed to finish. Dr. Yusuf asked me to end. After a long time I met him, he was in severe depression, crying all the time and died soon after due to a heart attack.

In 1988, under the pressure of the family I came back to Peshawar and joined a job at lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar. Before leaving for Pakistan, I met a Palestinian in Dublin. We were discussing Palestinian issue and I was trying to tell him the problems faced by Pashtun and Baluch in Pakistan. I found him more aware about Baloch but not us. We were joined by an American who was a writer and film producer. It was a bit reassuring that he knew about us.

After a long discussion when I came to my room I started thinking that I hardly know anyone in my profession in Peshawar, being a graduate of Dow Medical College, Karachi. While lost in my thoughts, my mind hatched the Idea of “Malgari Dcotoran”. I got up to write the name and the salient points of its constitution. I was resolute to write against corruption in health system and to induce academics in PGMI, Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar.

Ghani Khan

Ghani Khan

I first discussed the idea with Wali Khan. He appreciated the idea and advised me not to be confined to doctors’ community but should expand to others, who should join hands at the top to make a national Malgari. We agreed that they will be subsidy organizations of the party but for some time work as pressure group like Bengali’s did, till they are organized at national level. Dr. Said Alam Mehsood; the president, had declared affiliation hastily with the party. He also advised me to improvise the get up of the Daily Shahbaz, to be attractive for the readers. Mr. Qazi Sarwar did the job for me.

On my arrival; I was helped by two eminent journalists. We organized a cultural show with Ghani khan, as chief guest at Peshawar club. That’s how I was introduced to the doctors’ community and reached to a place, code named, Kudala” where I met some very well informed and fine people. After some time; Malgari Doctoran was formed, I handed over to the most competent people, and one of them had an extensive organizational experience in Iran. It was soon followed by Peshawar Education Network, which was open to all.

To my surprise; I found myself more involved. Whenever I was called by Wali Khan, the meeting was never less than hours and one to one. On the other hand; I started writing in F.P. about corruption which was rampant in Lady Reading Hospital. And started academics in spite of all sprints and intimidation. It was the greatness of Wali Khan to come, some times to my office and instruct me on some concurring issue.

I soon found that apart from inner party struggle which is a part and parcel of every movement there were elements to discredit Wali Khan and his political-thinking. They all had different reasons but the target was the same. The so called Socialist were proactive, they were successful to sideline Ajmal Khattak in Kabul. At one time he had to flee for his life to Hungary.

Here the game was more serious in nature. There were some nationalists who were against for their pity self- interests. These disgruntled elements had the backing of the progressive elements and financed by the proprietor of Frontier Post. It was a filthy campaign. But who to ring the bell?  Ghani Khan was brought forward. Malgari Doctoran successfully sabotaged the huge gathering; held at his residence which ended in fiasco.

Dr. Najib, former president of Afghanistan

Dr. Najib, former president of Afghanistan

It was not limited to Pakistan but a strong delegation went to Germany and through the Afghan Consular General in London, Taza Gul Wial, sent a message to Dr. Najeeb. On his return he told me and Ghulam Mohd Zarmalwal; what was said by Dr. Najib in reply, “I have more differences than they have, “Za sanga Chinar Ghwas kam ao chinagai jora kam.” Wali Khan & Bacha khan were both nicknamed by USSR, the stinking Nationalists. And advised the othersprogressive to fall in line and follow the “two” or quit.

Wali Khan earlier had told me; whenever the progressive joins us, before joining they are decided when to leave and how much to take away.Tthey join us to impede our fight. So is the case with progressive elements of whole Pakistan. The momentum gained swiftness when all of them returned from Kabul. The only one of the progressives; he liked was Latif Afridi, known as Lala.

Latif Lala

Latif Lala

In 89, I was asked to convey message to Dr. Najib to know his opinion about talking to Americans as it is their wish. The reply was, “elder brother does not ask the permission of the younger one”.

Our first official contact with the American delegation was held in Peshawar, we were picked up from my house. At the end of general discussion, it was followed by one to one meeting between Wali Khan and a lady who was the head of the American delegation, and extremely fluent in Pashto.

All I was told, I quote,” Wali Khan asked whom I shaking hand with? It is Bill Clinton. Wali khan said,” It was the USA to put Afghanistan in the lap of USSR in 1953. Even if we are friends even then it is not possible for us to be against USSR. We can’t afford animosity with Shark while living in the sea. The rest was in Pashto and I quote,” American must realize; Da zama warsho da. Pa dey ke da Mekha hum zama da. Ma ta pata nishta chey da lawar ma la cha rakarey dey. Kho os zama dey. Za pe khpala warsho ao mekha satam. Da dey mekhey na che sa razi, da zama d’ bacho dee. Ka sa ziat shoo, hagha ba staso pa raza noro wago la warkawoo.”

I conveyed the message to Kabul. Another shock was, that the senior had also corrupted the youngsters. Most of them were on payroll. Some wiser were milking 3-4 cows at a time. I was told this in four different places. But to confirm it, I played a fake, intoxicated my friends with Alcohol in a dinner. As they alcohol went down, confessions came out. It was all recorded. It was extremely painful for me to know that our motherland has been sold to two buyers. Pakistan, has allocated budget for Afghanistan as fifth province and USSR has included to be a Soviet of U.S.S.R.

It was not only our party but most of the parties, like sectarian organizations’ were paid by Middle Eastern monarchies and the USA, including Muslim leaguers. Out of the leaguers, the functional faction was on Military payroll. When I told Wali Khan; he smiled and added more to my information’s.

Second time; we met American delegation in England, headed by the same lady, it was before the US attack on Afghanistan. Wali khan told me, I am in pain what is going to happen. But in the middle of this puddle of blood, I feel that there is a ray of hope. The worrying aspect is; will we be ready to avail it. Looking at me, he said that it doesn’t appeal to you. It is for the first time in the contemporary world politics, our enemies have lost international trust and reckon our importance. The time proved it.

Wali Khan political acumen can be guessed from 70s and 90s musical chair political play that at no time we were asked by a coalition partner to quit, when he would smell that our cadre is being infested, he would create conditions to quit. To keep the inner core cleaner.

He had in depth study of the party structure, he was aware of the black sheep in our own cadre and his relatives and the flaws.

In 1988 he made an attempt to give me the “Pukhtun Magzine” to upgrade it to a high standard and with the copies of 1929to 1931. This was a job I liked to opt for but I thought it is not possible without a good team and regular financial help from those who were in UAE and Saudi Arabia. The 6 acre land would not support it. In my view the yield of 6 acre is not enough to bring it to the standard, he wanted. On my return from Saudi Arabia, it was already given to someone by Bibi, who used to print and stockpile it in the party office.

I was not easily allowed to see him but I am thankful to his sister for her motherly support. I decided to leave in 90 we discussed it fir 5-6 hours under a hanging plant in his back yard, where we used to have our meetings. He agreed but advised me not to take up any venture, where I need some support to avoid heart ache and frustration.

On my return to England I started a magazine, The Scream, consisting of few pages but of a very high standard. It was complimented by the speaker of House Common but I don’t know the reason why was it banned after 9/11. I lost my job and was drowned in loans.

I decided to go to Saudi Arabia to organize my finances. Just after a month I met a friend from Dir, Ihsan, who introduced me to a group of Pashtun Nationalists, who were secretly doing some welfare work. I was told that it is almost impossible to work for PPP or ANP. J.I. was enjoying free hand. Only the city of Riyadh was paying compulsory 8-10 crore rupees, it was in addition to government aid, which equaled to the USA.

Any how it took me some time to start social work and secret cultural shows. By the end of 3 years, our membership was swollen to 4-5 thousands and sympathizers running in thousands. Again another emotional decision to organize a huge cultural cum political gathering with the unofficial support of police and clerics to mourn slavery of 50 years. It was the occasion of golden jubilee of Pakistan. I received a letter to stop it, in case these laborers are kicked out from Saudi. I must commend the struggle of my friends and my folly.

Asfandyar Wali Khan, President ANP

Asfandyar Wali Khan, President ANP

When Wali Khan went in to coma, I went to see him in Gulalai official residence. Nasim Bibi told me some of the differences with Asfandiyar Khan and then asked me if I want to see him? I just could not gather courage to see him in coma. I requested her that sometime these patients do come out of coma momentarily. If luckily he comes out I will be grateful if I could see him, then. It was not my in wild dream that suddenly one day I received her call to come. I found him with very clear mind, hugged me and asked about the party.

 He asked Zubeda Bibi to go out and told me to play my role. I received very positive response from late Sangeen Khan and Gulalai but unfortunately, not from Asfandiyar Khan. Whatever he told me there, turned out to be hundred percent correct. It is the most unfortunate.

Dr. Khurshid Alam profile jpeg

 Prof.(Dr) Khurshid Alam

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