The repressive policies of the military establishment in Pakistan continue

The repressive policies of the military establishment in Pakistan continue.

In Lahore, Pakhtun Tahaffuz Movement is going to hold a public meeting tomorrow at Mochi Gate; in order to update all other nationalities on the atrocities, going on against Pakhtuns. The military establishment has started every conspiracy to stop a just cause. The military intelligence agencies have raided the printing presses, where the PTM materials were published and these agencies have confiscated all those materials; they also have been threatening the PTM activists and people from the lift parties. Such acts indicate anxiety of the military establishment, genuineness of the movement and power of the people. PTM has proved itself to be the most sane, credible, genuine and peaceful movement. Its demands are totally constitutional and public rooted. The matters it has raised are ones related to public justice; it is a real war against terrorism, so this movement will continue, whatever conspiracy the repressors make. We demand from the Pakistani intelligence agencies to hands off their unjust acts against a peaceful movement, otherwise we will be left with no option but to knock at the doors of the international community. We appeal our activists to continue their just and peaceful struggle, irrespective of such mean tactics.

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