The Pashtun Times condemns ban on Mashaal Radio transmissions by Pakistan

Mashaal Radio RFE RLBANNU: Banning Radio Mashaal transmission in Pakistan is a blatant attack on free speech. The target audience of Mashaal Radio was the Pashtun belt, half of which doesn’t have access to internet, cable network. In the tribal belt the prime source of news dissemination was Mashaal, which was silenced the way they silenced Mashal Khan in Abdul Wali Khan University last year.

Mashaal’s reporting appeared balanced, factual and healthy, however, Pakistan, a country whose history is cooked, who had zero tolerance for awareness in the Pashtun belt cannot tolerate any media outlet which is free from Pakistan’s sprawling and all powerful military establishment.

This is worth mentioning that now foreign journalists are allowed to report from the tribal belt and local journalists always face intimidation from state and non state actors. So far dozens of journalists have lost their lives have been abducted, and threatened while reporting from the tribal belt.


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