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‘The Pakistan Anti-Hero’: Nadeem Farooq Paracha releases second book today

NADEEM PARACHAKARACHI: Columnist, historian and cultural critic Nadeem F. Paracha published his second book, ‘The Pakistan Anti-Hero’ on Friday.

Paracha’s second offering, published by Vanguard Publications, explores the political and social evolution of Pakistan’s polity, which he first wrote about in his debut, ‘End of the Past’.

According to a press release issued by Vanguard, ‘The Pakistan Anti-Hero’ digs into the psyches and histories of well-known men and women, looking closer at the lives of scholars, ideologues, sportsmen, authors, politicians, militants, actors and others whose lives have only briefly been explored.

The author attempts to cut through mainstream historical accounts in order to gain a starker understanding of a nation that has continued to develop through multiple existential crises.

The author is a regular contributor to Germany’s Deutsche Welle, and heads the Ideas Department at Adcom Leo Burnett. -DN


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