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The Misery of Afghan Migrants Continues

AfghmecedDifferent sorts of problems in Afghanistan have forced the people to leave their homeland and find refuge in other countries where they can find better living conditions. This solution could be simple if the ones leaving the country would reach some place safe without any major problem, but the fact is that migrants have to go through a very tough time before they are able to find their ultimate destination. On most of the occasions they have even to fight against death and sometimes they are defeated in the fight.

Migration has always been an issue for Afghanistan. Decades of instability have forced millions of people to leave their homeland and move to the neighboring countries and even to Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. After the downfall of Taliban, there were some expectations that the situation may improve and the conditions in the country may get better and people may ultimately return to their country. Unfortunately, recently, with the rise in insecurity people do not seem very much confident about the future and many people who have already migrated hesitate to come back and many of those who are in the country are planning to leave for better future.

Those who opt to migrate fall prey to different sorts of problems, yet they are ready to take the risks and leave their homes. They face problem on the way to their destinations as most of the times they have to follow illegal means. They have to face human smugglers, cross borders illegally, face different weather conditions and travel across mountains, rivers and even sea. There have been different incidents when the migrants have lost their lives on these routes.

Recently, a dozen Afghan migrants lost their lives in the waters of Greece on their route to Europe. On Saturday, their bodies were received in Afghanistan and then shifted to Amir Hamza mosque in Wazirabad area of Kabul. Most of the deceased belonged to the same family and they included Khalil, an employee of Ministry of Economy, his wife who had been teaching in Chahar Qala school, his two children and two brother-in-laws.

This shows that the people are not always taking the decision to migrate because of economic conditions; rather, they do so mostly because of the security conditions. Recently, the migrants include many individuals from media and different offices, who having observed the situation in the country closely have opted to flee. So, it is no more the issue of ignorance or tough economic conditions as the decisions are taken by well-educated individuals who have jobs.

Unfortunately, the ones who reach other countries after myriads of problems are not guaranteed secure future. As the issue of refugees has become very serious many countries are not sure about allowing refugees in their countries. Particularly, European countries, after facing a flux of refugees are planning to deport many Afghan refugees. Germany that initially welcomed refugees is now desperately trying to deport many of Afghan refugees to their country. Same is the case with other European countries.

The Afghan government on the other hand seems worried about the deportation of the Afghan refugees. The Afghan Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation had said earlier that Afghanistan would not accept the deported asylum seekers without a mutual agreement between the government of Afghanistan and the European Union.

Moreover, the policies and procedures regarding the cases of different refugee in European countries have also changed to a great extent. There are many Afghan refugees in European countries who have been waiting for the final decision about their cases and in the meanwhile are not in a condition to move freely, earn livelihood and travel to different places and or meet their family members.

Even in the neighboring countries, Afghan refugees have not always been welcomed with warm hugs; every now and then they have been the victims of discrimination and ill-treatment. Most of the Afghan refugees in the neighboring countries, especially in Iran and Pakistan have suffered the consequences of fluctuations in the way they are treated. Definitely, it has been generous of both the countries to compensate the Afghan refugees, who because of wars and instability left their dear homeland, but on certain occasions they have also displayed the attitude that have violated the rights of the refugees to a great extent. Definitely, these countries have their own problems; they are developing countries and they have their own economic issues to face; however, they have been supported by international community and United Nations to assist the refugees and guarantee their rights under international law.

Both the European and neighboring countries at this crucial juncture must make sure that they design a clear strategy regarding the fate of Afghan refugees.

Definitely, there are political and diplomatic concerns for all the governments of the world to consider, but the issue of refugees is more important than such concerns, as it involves the precious human lives and the lives of human beings stand more sacred than any other concern. -Daily Outlook Afghanistan

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