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The Convulsing Pakistan. Is it the End?


Pakistan is squeaking under internal and external pressures tearing it apart. Not only the credibility of the rulers is lost but the country has also lost its international respect as a sovereign state. Even the powers that matter in global affairs have put a BIG (?) on Pakistan. Their dealings with Pakistan are on day-to-day basis. No one is sure about its tomorrow, to tailor a consistent policy with continuity like they do usually with all sovereign nations.

The internal instability and lack of coordination between different pillars of the government, the lack of trust in political forces are keeping the external forces at lurch. They are deeply concerned of the internal explosive situation and the consequences.

 They can neither abandon Pakistan because of its strategic importance nor invest in the state, where all the intrinsic indicators are pointing towards disintegration.

 They are unanimous and unambiguous that the real threat to Pakistan is the incompetent and undependable rulers who are stretching their feet beyond their sheets, tarnishing the country economically and politically?

The antagonism between the different pillars of the government, non-transparency, corruption, the presence of rogue elements in the armed forces, ISI and in political parties has raised their concern more about our nuclear facilities. In other words it is not a source of strength but a huge liability.

 They are quite clear that the fall of these facilities in to the hands of terrorists is the remotest possibility but their worry is, those who are in the establishment and political parties particularly the sectarian organisations backed by the gulf countries.


The right to the centre parties enjoy the same close relations with these dangerous elements, which is supposed to be our shadow opposition. That sends a cold wave in the spines of every one.

 It may be painful for all but instead of cheating ourselves we must accept that there is a sizeable lobby in and out of the establishment who have soft corner for these deadly shadows and who are determined to convert the whole belt into their hunting grounds.

I don’t have a second opinion that a sword can ever solve any problem. Sword must follow the book. The present critical state of Pakistan is due to this very reason that in its 68 years life span of Pakistan, sword has always been leading the book.

 Adventurists and conspirators have always been in the driving post. The injuries inflicted on Pakistan’s physical and political body are so grave that the logic of viability has no foothold.

 Yes negotiation cannot be avoided to achieve the ultimate logical goal.  But every thing has a time to do; even the truth spoken at a wrong time can be more disastrous than the white lies.

Negotiation and war both have their own place and a particular time in any process. If any one of them started at a wrong time, could be more disastrous. Both are like love, easy to start, difficult to continue and most difficult to end.

There were scores of opportunities, our rulers should have availed, to nip this bloody drama in the bud but they failed or refused to avail like Geneva accord, sabotaged by Zia ( Ojhri Camp).  Subsequently many opportunities knocked at their doors were ignored intentionally for their own vested interests and prejudice for Afghans.

The knocks on our doors were begging our dwarf rulers to terminate this vicious cycle of death and destruction but the minds of our prejudiced rulers were shut to logic. They were in misconception that they can flames to Afghanistan and ignored the spill over.

 They were dreaming to increase the strategic depth of Pakistan by capturing Afghanistan. In fact they were increasing their power grip to prolong their rule.

 There is no exception to the rule, we must accept that not a single democratic minded person has ever ruled us in last 68 years. Out of all, the two most poisonous, despicable and vicious criminals were the two notorious generals, Zia and Musharaf. They used the most inhuman, filthy and distasteful crimes against their own citizens and neighbours and humanity at large.

The first one was the father of fundamentalism and the second one polarised the society and in the words of the Daily Guardian, he was the true dollar washed son of US imperialism. Apart from all his other sins he brought army and public face to face against each other.

Negotiations are always done from the position of strength. At this very moment the terrorists are in position to strike any target and choose any terrain to strike with precision. Each fighter has 30 years long experience of bush war, longer than most of our generals total career.

They are in entrenched position. As I pointed out in my previous article they are nowhere, but everywhere with strong links in all influential sections of the society, political and ISI.

Withdrawal at this stage will create the same vacuum of power, which was created by Pakistan after over throwing of Dr.Najeeb and replaced by war mongering Hizbs. The new vacuum will suck in more rogues.

Had the vicious Zia not sabotaged the Geneva agreement or Musharaf had the courage  to say “NO” to US, the situation would have different.

The present terrorism is the continuation of that unholy jihad started by Zia. His religious conviction could be judged, when he was commanding Pakistan army in Jordan.

Israel ran over QIBLA AWAL but the great Mujahid was busy in killing thousands of innocent Palestinians for a Hashemite King on the eastern bank of river Jordan.

Perhaps to him Kabul, Jalal Abad and Srinagar were more sacred than the holy house, Bait Muqaddas.

His religious whims were dictating him, to liberate, Khalistan, Kashmir and Afghanistan to increase the size of Pakistan. He had double standard even in Islam.

 At that time there was only one voice that was of late Wali Khan. Those who are advocating negotiation now were dubbing him the follower of a HINDU Gandhi.

Let us stop cheating ourselves. Do we really believe that the whole nation is on the back of our armed forces? I appeal to those who have the slightest regards for human lives to ponder over the swift selection of soft targets, precision, targets killing and the loss of army officers and Jawans after every military action. Is it not indicative of internal links? I don’t think we have lost so many senior army officers in two wars with India.

Does it ring a bell? It shows the incompetence or for that matter soft corner of our intelligence agencies for their implanted terrorists, on the other hand they seem to be so deeply entrenched in our society that it is almost impossible to dislodge them. There is no time to chew the words. This is no more secret that our religious parties and right wing elements are still on their back.

They are stabbing the army and the nation in the back. If the whole nation were on the back of the army and the agencies were doing their job, then how could we explain their precision, prompt hit back with greater ferocity. It stinks foul whether we can smell it or not?

Patchy military action is not the answer. A wholehearted strike against these elements without prior announcements is the only answer. It should be throughout the country, not that the terrorists are killed in hinterland but the nurseries producing terrorist are let loose to function. Action in Punjab is as important as in 5% Waziristan.

 I do realise about the collateral damage and civilian causalities but with present strategy, are the causalities of the civilians and armed forces less staggering now?

I fail to understand that the whole country is on flames and we are still discussing whether it is our war or not? Is USA and UK is on fire? Are their citizens and military personnel being massacred?  We are reaping the harvest sown by those two devils and as Ayaz Mir rightly said that we are now fighting on contract basis. We have won the contract in an open tender competing with India. It is our home and heart that is on fire, whether the war is ours or not, that is immaterial.

The army is fighting a war of the survival of Pakistan. It is not an easy game. The terrorists are spread all over the country and have roots in the society.

As I pointed out in my last article that the army is fighting shadows. Every shadow is carrying its command headquarter in his mind. It is weapon against a “frame of mind”.

It is not a simple conventional war. It needs the unwavering support of all agencies and support of all section of the society. The butterfly minded politicians should come out clearly either they are with the nation and the army or not?

I will be the last nationalist to tolerate any foreign national in my motherland and allow them to play with the lives of my own people but it should be done with extreme care so that no political vacuum is created in Afghanistan.

It is unthinkable for me that there can be peace on one side of Durand line and war on the other side. Even if we want US cannot afford to stay longer. They are loosing men and material. They are looking for escape route but to replace their forces by the forces of non-partisan Muslim countries is the viable alternative.

This step should be taken only when all non-citizens leave Afghan land and let the Afghan government sort out with Taliban. The armies of Muslim countries should be there only to raise Afghan National Army to protect them from outside intervention from the neighbouring Pakistan and Iran.

The major stake holders like Pakistan, India, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Republic of Russia should accept Afghanistan as a sovereign state and accord it all the due rights of a sovereign nation according to UN charter without looking for stake.

Afghanistan must be restored to its historical originality to protect it from economic strangulation.  No peace can be achieved without a stable Afghanistan and Islamic union of states of Pakistan with their historical identity.

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Writer: Prof.(Dr) Khurshid Alam

The writer is a columnist with THE PASHTUN TIMES. He can be reached at 



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