The birth of Pashtun Che

                                              The birth of Pashtun Che

Constitutional demands are not discussed in Jirga but sorted out in parliament or Jurists.

One has to see the ground realities and be in the shoes of Manzoor Pashteen and his comrades to make sense of their pain choking voice. He mobilized and jolted the masses. No one can claim to be a nationalists unless he/she is addict to the smell of his soil when he sniffs the morning breeze. He (Che) was brought up in the camp of IDPs and so were his comrades. No one can describe pain because it is a subjective feeling but the nearer one can go is the person or persons who have been the victims of it.

Those who have lost their nearest and dearest, either killed or forcefully disappeared can realize the pain. Those, whose elders have been robbed of dignity, children who died of hunger and inhuman living and ladies spent the nights under the open sky. Why they were subjected to this dehumanizing torture. Who were they? What were their objectives? Did they belong to this land? Why this bloody drama staged and played in our land? Who were the actors? There are many questions to be answered. Is there anyone to answer? It certainly needs a war commission to investigate the war crimes and judicial commission to deal with the constitutional demands with national and international guarantees.

The Mother Nature was mined. Even the minds were not spared, explosive devices were sown in there. Insults were hurled on men and women, kids and elderly on every check post and barrier.  Every speed breaker had a tale of martyrdom during “Zarbe Ghazab or Eradae Fasad”.

All of us were declared traitors except the black men in uniform, the only patriot. There was perpetual hatred and terror after terror. A phobia was created to destroy the process of thinking and blind the masses by smoke screen. The monster of terror was rolling from Swat to South Waziristan crushing and martyring men and women, old and young, rocks and bushes. The skull were sown at every step. They all behave as if all of them have taken bath in Ganges to wash their sins. And their wrong doings were for Islam and solidarity of Pakistan. If the solidarity is at the cost of our right to live let it be undone.

The CHE was born in a place where sky was pouring fire and soil was boiling with intense heat, flames high up in the sky. Some people around him were either engulfed by the soil or picked by the dwellers of the heavens. Che was clinching his teeth and trying to stop his scream but could not succeed. He Screamed “Protection and Patience” and voice was heard all over the world but if failed to reach Rawalpindi and Islamabad. There was total media blackout and the ears of GHQ were deaf to listen.  This fellow was named Manzoor Pashteen.

First they were dubbed traitors and then a Jirga was formed to talk to them. They must be fooling. Constitutional demands are not discussed in Jirga but sorted out in parliament or Jurists. They are sprinkling petrol on fire to extinguish it or putting salt in the wounds of those who were mutilated by the rabid elephant to soothe the pain. On one hand arrests are made, blackout by media is on and the message of the chief of the establishment is meaningful, on the other hand an offer of indirect dialogue with people having no authority or mandate to provide constitutional changes and reward punishment for war criminals. It all indicates to buy time.

The coercive forces aim is to put barricade to the flood of awakened masses to slow down the speed and spread of Lava. They have failed to realize that the children of history and objective conditions cannot be cheated by the children of midnight.  They are born in pain from the gravid womb of the history. They have come out to revive their history and write the last chapter of their lost history.

The Pashtun Che was named Manzoor Pashteen and the nation responded in chorus “ya manzoor & Labaik Pashteen”. They are under oath to fill up the “Black hole” made by the black man. The spring board has to be dismantled to stop the destruction of our fatherland. The shadows must be stopped and be forced to evacuate our land to bring an end to the target killing. We refuse to build heaven on our skulls. We refuse to keep on burying our own any more. If their life lies in our death let them die. We believe in the right to life and let others to live. We need our heads to walk ahead. No more chop chop. Wounded history cannot go to sleep unless the painful nerves are ablated. The black hole is now “Tahreer Square” “Tahreering history of the lost tribe”.

We should be extremely cautious that our weapon of nonviolence is not lost.  Our dialogue should not be with the impotent under dogs but with those who are holding authority and must be based on mutual equity. We should not be treated as slaves by the slaves. Our tongue is not that heavy that we can’t hold it we don’t talk loose. We want constitutional rights and restoration of human and national dignity. We respect other nations and want to be respected. Unnatural cultural imposition has to be stopped. Our fight is against the mindset not the state. We know what our nation is dreaming for, peace and protection we have to secure our tomorrow before we stop. We may not stop and go on with evolution to bring revolution.

We are empty handed and peaceful. You have seen violent Pashtun but you have never seen the non-violent one, you better ask your predecessors. You made our children suicidal bombers but we are determined to make them “mother bomb” of peace and nonviolence.

We are ready to negotiate but with those “To Whom It May Concern.” We refuse to talk any Tom and Dick. We are responsible children of a responsible and historical nation. We are like Jugnu (Luminous Beatles) glowing to show the long path to freedom in this thickest pitch dark night of our history till it dawns upon our nation collectively.

We stick to our demands and ready to discuss in an appropriate platform. If terrorists can be invited for talk why not we? We stand for peace and dialogue. How long will you resist us? Our nonviolent philosophy will fail you on every front. We have burnt our boats and our long march is on till we embrace the dawning of our tomorrow. At present we can’t see that we have a tomorrow we want to create it today. International guarantee is asked as you have lost all the norms of civility. You are the snake’s charmer training them to bite us and the neighbors only but it is against nature and you are bound to be bitten. Not only us but the international fraternity has lost trust in you. To trust pathological liars is insanity.

Writer: Prof.(Dr) Khurshid Alam

The writer is a columnist with THE PASHTUN TIMES. He can be reached at


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