Terrorists’ sanctuaries, sources of funding are outside Afghanistan: Atmar

atmar-today-615x300@2xKABUL: The National Security Adviser, Mohammad Haneef Atmar said that the terrorists’ sanctuaries and sources of funding are beyond Afghanistan’s borders.

“The terrorists’ sanctuaries and sources of funding are beyond Afghanistan’s borders, which enabled the continuation of this war,” he said in an interview with the New York Times.

“The terrorists’ sanctuaries outside Afghanistan’s borders must be destroyed and the sources and channels that fund this war against the government and people of Afghanistan must be stopped.”

He stated that the government genuinely appreciates the positive role and efforts of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the peace process in Afghanistan.

He called the current level of bilateral cooperation between the two governments in the fight against terrorism satisfactory.

Atmar has long criticizing Pakistan, supporting terrorists and lays Kabul over peace talks with Taliban.

Atmar said earlier September that Pakistan has promised to go against those who do not want peace talks with the Afghan government, but Pakistan did not do this.

“They lied to us.  Islamabad said the Taliban leader was not in Pakistan, but then we saw Mullah Mansur had a Pakistani ID card when he was killed while traveling inside Pakistan,” he added. “We have received messages from Pakistan as we have diplomatic relations. Our president has told them we have no hope that they will help us with peace talks,” he added. During an interview with Gandhara/RFERL, Atmar said: “We asked them very clearly: “Why are you lying? This (peace process) would not be in your favor. Terrorism will backfire against you, and it already has.” “My hope is that Pakistan thinks logically and pays attention to this issue.


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