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Target is to bring back all refugees in 2 years: Ghani

GhaniKABUL: President Ashraf Ghani has said the “unpredictable” victory in the Jihad against the former Soviet Union forces would remain a historic pride for the nation.

The president, who addressed a gathering at the Presidential Palace in connection with the 29th anniversary of the Soviet forces’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, said the people of Afghanistan took the Jihad against Soviet forces to victory when nobody could even think of.

 “It is clear where our strength lies, it is in our faith, unity and our belief in making impossible possible. This day alone does not belong to us, it belongs to the Islamic World. No other Islamic country has rendered more sacrifices than Afghanistan in the contemporary Islamic history. Our ulema are ready for a debate that Afghanistan changed the history of Islam.”

“The world shared the pride of Soviet Union defeat. Millions of youth specially in the Asia used to say that the Asia is red and the red Asia was disintegrated. The Jihad fought by the people of Afghanistan was a full-fledged drive and nobody can doubt it.”

He dubbed the Constitution a national document and said all prides and values of the Jihad had been embodied in the Constitution.

In line with the Constitution, the president said, all Afghans were equal and the national unity government was trying to provide all constitutional rights to the people.

The president termed the Presidential Palace as a centre of ‘tolerance’ and ‘national debate’ and added: “We got the strength to discuss issues. Afghanistan does not belong to the monopoly of anyone and belongs to the entire nation.”

“The fundamental question of the power structure is solved by our Constitution. After this, as in the past, in future the people of Afghanistan will judge who deserves to serve.”

The president urged all people and political community to scrutinize all stages of the election and cooperate with government in holding a transparent and fair voting.

The president said his government believed in a transparent and timely election. “Today work will begin for the elections. “

Ghani said his government wanted to bring back all Afghan refugees to the country in the next 24 months.

 “At present, I want to focus on our future,” he said, emphasizing on the national unity. “Our main concern is the end of the 40-year crisis.”

He stressed that Afghans must fight to overcome the crises that were inherited.

“The key point is that, in a centralized way and with unity, we want to use all our energy to boost Afghanistan’s economic independence and bring lasting peace and security.”

“We need a political solution, and in the second Kabul conference, we are offering our plan, the people of Afghanistan are ready to solve any problem through dialogue.”

He called peace a divine, religious and national necessity, but said that Afghanistan needed peace that was not pre-supposedly a bad war in the region.

Ghani said the ongoing war in his country was an imposed one and said: “The current war is not internal. We and the international community have shared goals and we face shared threats. We have been making joint efforts to eradicate common threats,” he said.

By Khwaja Basir

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