Taliban’s open letter to Trump call for an end to Afghan war

Donald-Trump-sworn-inKABUL: The Taliban militants group has issued an open letter to the US President Donald Trump, urging the new US leader to end the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

The group which is accused of incurring the most casualties to the civilians admits in its letter that the 15 year war has caused human and material losses to both sides.

Taliban justifies its ongoing insurgency in the letter, claiming that the group’s ‘Jihad and struggle was legitimate religiously, intellectually, nationally and conforming to all other lawful standards.’

Calling the ongoing violence as illegal, ineffective, and aimless, the group claims that ‘The Afghans, as a nation ravaged by war for thirty eight long years, sincerely want to bring this war to an end however they know – despite whatever reasons for previous wars – that the principle cause for the ongoing conflict is the presence of foreign occupying forces in our independent country.’

Taliban also claims that the ongoing insurgency led by the group is a unified national uprising of all ethnicities and insists that the Afghan nation has no intention to harm others.

The group also justifies its position of political-military power being supported national and claims that many countries regionally and globally have arrived at a conclusion that interactions should be made with the group for reaching to an understanding.

It also claims that the other groups and individuals have risen only through foreign support and do not have any foundations among the people.

The open letter by Taliban is issued days after the group released a statement following the US presidential inauguration, warning that the violence in Afghanistan will continue if the Trump administration continued to follow the approaches of the previous US administrations led by Obama and George Bush. -KP


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