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Taliban Set Pre-condition for Peace Talks

Taliban-Commander-1Taliban militants have set a pre-condition for restarting peace talks with Afghan government.

A senior member the group has told Reuters news agency that Taliban want to be removed from a U.N. blacklist before considering rejoining peace talks aimed at ending a 15-year civil war.

The unnamed Taliban member has further said that the group could participate if the U.N. Security Council canceled a resolution freezing assets and limiting travel of senior figures.

“We conveyed them to first remove us from the ‎blacklist of the United Nations and allow us to freely travel around the world and then we can think about holding peace talks,” said the Taliban member, speaking on condition of anonymity.

This comes as Pakistan, United States and China are assisting Afghanistan to restart its stalled peace process with the militant group halted after the news of Mullah Mohammad Omar broke out.

The four nations have conducted two preparatory meetings in Islamabad and Kabul to discuss a roadmap on restarting the peace process.

But this time the peace talks might have more ups and downs because Taliban have split into more groups.

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