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Taliban militants in critical condition after Mansoor’s death


AFGHANISTAN: The Ministry of Interior has said the Taliban group militants are in a critical condition following the death of their leader in Pakistan.

Sediq Sediqi, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, told reporters in Kabul that the intelligence findings of the ministry shows the militants are suffering in the battlefield following the death of Mullah Akhtar Mansoor.

He said there are no reports regarding the situation of the leadership of the group in Quetta but the militants are facing major issues in the battlefield.

The Interior Ministry spokesman also added that unconfirmed reports received by the ministry shows certain Taliban groups are willing to surrender.

Sediqi also pointed towards the ongoing annual Shafaq military operations and said the offensive by the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces are underway and major achievements have been made during the operations.

According to Sediqi, the Minister of Intrior is mainly focusing to use the Afghan National Police Special Operations Forces which have proven to be more capable in suppressing the insurgents activities.

He said the Shafaq military operation is mainly aimed at targeting the key leaders of the militants and a large of militants have been killed during the operations.

Sediqi further added that the Afghan security forces have not faced any major issue during the ongoing operations so far.

He told reports at least 1,167 militants have been killed since the start of Shafaq military operations, 465 militants were wounded and at least 154 others were arrested during the raids. -KP


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