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Taliban kidnap 52 farmers in Jawzjan

taliban-flag1KABUL: 52 farmers have been kidnapped by Taliban militants in Northern Jawzjan province, said officials Wednesday.

“Armed Taliban have Kidnapped 52 famers in Darzab district today,” said Provincial Governor Spokesman Reza Rezai.

He said that the farmers went to Chehl Tapa, Chaharband and Chaharsir areas for collecting firewood, when ere abducted by Taliban militant.

Taliban took the farmer to Dasht-e-Laili area, he added.

Taliban militant kidnaped farmers at the objective to take tribute from them, he claimed.

He stated that Taliban has lost financial resources, thus they used to kidnap locality people and ask tribute for their releasing in order to afford insurgency expenditure in the province.

All the kidnapped people are Uzbek and residents of Darzab district, he mentioned.

He said that security forces in cooperation with the Ulema and tribal elders started operation to release the abducted people.

It is worth mentioning that recently six staffers of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) were killed in Jawzjan, after armed men opened fire on their vehicle. Also two of the ICRC staffs were missing after the incident in the province.



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