Taliban have No Ambition for Universal Jihad out Beyond Afghanistan

316432-AfghanTalibanAFP-1325682763-430-640x480The concocted “Islamic State” in Afghanistan is nothing but a splintered group of Taliban which has adopted the name. However, Afghan jihadists have no interest in according allegiance to Arab Islamists. The Taliban’s contention is over resources and power such as heroin trade and smuggling chains. Another such splinter group is Afghan al Qaeda, which also tantamount to being a brand name only and doesn’t hold any connections with its Arabian counterpart. The new rising rivalries will lead to difficulties in attaining a negotiated settlement notwithstanding the fact that the same could be seen as weakening of the insurgent elements in the country. The bottom line is that Afghan insurgents have no ambitions beyond establishing an Islam regime in the country.

News Desk: The Pashtun Times

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